All your family has endured, and yet the worst is still to come. An unending darkness lies before you, A lone figure ... a pale horse, a flame that will burn you all.
Ariane to Elijah

Wild at Heart is the eleventh episode of the third season of The Originals and the fifty-fifth episode of the series overall.


The Originals 3x11 Promo Season 3 Episode 11 Promo

The Originals 3x11 Promo Season 3 Episode 11 Promo


A STORM IS COMING — While Klaus finds himself dealing with pressing matters at home, Elijah reluctantly aligns with Aya after learning that she may have knowledge of an elusive weapon that could kill an Original Vampire for good. Meanwhile, alone and shunned by her coven of witches, a desperate Davina is left conflicted after she is approached with an enticing offer that could bring her one step closer to reuniting with Kol. Hayley, Marcel and Cami also appear.



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  • Antagonists: The Ancestors and Camille O'Connell.
    • This is the first time Cami has ever been an Antagonist.
  • This episode marks the 100th appearance of Niklaus Mikaelson in the TVD/TO universe.
  • This episode marks the 200th episode of TVD/TO as a whole.
  • This episode marks Nathaniel Buzolic's first modern day appearance as Kol Mikaelson in The Originals.
  • This episode marks the first time Davina interacts with Kol in his real body.
  • This episode marks the first time we see Purgatory, despite it being talked about during previous seasons. This parallels The Vampire Diaries, with The Other Side also appearing in it's third season.
  • This episode marks Ariane's first appearance.
  • This episode is the first to feature Camille O'Connell as a vampire since she completed her transition in the previous episode; it can be seen that Cami is very great in mind controlling, even though she was newly turned.
  • Cami now realizes why Aurora turned her into a vampire instead of just simply killing her. She wanted to take away the one advantage Cami had over her, her humanity in relation to Klaus' relationship with her.
    • She is struggling to control her darker persona upon being a vampire, losing her tact when she confronted Hayley about Jackson's death.
  • Freya Mikaelson is the one who made Cami's daylight ring.
  • Aya recruits Davina into the The Sisters, a coven of witches who serve The Strix formed by wayward witches who had been outcasted of their covens or families. Aya promises that the Sisters will help Davina raise Kol from the dead, as they possess the spell and the power to do so.
  • This episode revealed the elusive weapon to kill the Originals. The wooden knight figurine Klaus made for Rebekah, as seen in Farewell to Storyville, and now one of Hope's toys, is made from wood of the White Oak Tree before they were turned.
  • Cami stole the wooden knight figurine as leverage to get back the Dark Objects she retrieved from Lucien's apartment with the help of a compelled Detective Kinney as she couldn't enter herself, being a part of Rebekah's sire line. She tells Klaus he can get it back in exchange for the Dark Objects he took from her.
  • Klaus gets his neck broken by a vampire for the first time on screen, previous incidents were done by Witches.



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Behind the Scenes

  • We shot a scene that didn’t make the final cut in which Klaus “trains” Cami, Karate Kid-style, by throwing things at her (her goal being to use her newly acquired “vamp speed” to catch them). What we learned is that A) Leah doesn’t love having things thrown at her head, go figure (although she was a great sport), and B) Joe has quite the arm… but his aim could use a little work; he almost hit us writers during rehearsal. Although in retrospect, maybe that wasn’t an accident?
  • Everyone will tell you the first rules of filmmaking: no animals and no babies. This is because you can’t reason with them (no matter how hard you try). Blake and Charlie, who play baby Hope, are lovely, adorable, sweet kids… who have a tendency to cry their way through 95 percent of their scenes. So Bart and I thought we’d be really clever, and write a scene in which Hope is supposed to cry, sensing her mother’s sadness and distress at Jackson’s death. Hahaha, silly us. We thought we could outsmart a baby. Spoiler alert: The babies wouldn’t cry. And since we’re not monsters, we didn’t try to upset them, but instead rewrote the scene
  • It rained while we were shooting Davina and Josh’s scenes in the witch marketplace. Usually we HATE rain when we’re shooting exteriors… unless said location is filled with bees, and the rain chases away the bees. The witch market was filled with bees. Yay, rain.
  • One of our favorite parts of this job is all the people we get to work with — our amazing cast, our badass crew — but sometimes it’s one step beyond, and we actually get to fanboy/fangirl out a little over our coworkers. Bart and [executive producer Michael] Narducci were already huge fans of our director, John Hyams, based on his previous work — his documentary The Smashing Machine and his installments of the Universal Soldier franchise, respectively — and were geeks about it. (I quickly become a big fan too once I saw his work and also realized he’s smart and funny and has great Jean-Claude Van Damme stories.) My biggest fangirl moment was getting to work, for the first time this season, with Jason Dohring, a.k.a. Det. Kinney, a.k.a. Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars (one of my absolute favorite characters in one of my favorites series of all time). Luckily, I think I successfully hid my excitement and didn’t totally freak him out. And I’m sure admitting this in a national publication won’t make things weird at all. 

Cultural References


Waitress: "Cami! You look amazing!"
Cami: "You know. I feel amazing."
Cami (to Girl): "Are you afraid?"
Klaus: "Enough! You're not yourself."
Cami: "You're right. Now I'm just like you."

Waitress: "Cami! You look amazing!"
Cami: "You know. I feel amazing."
Cami (to Girl): "Are you afraid?"
Klaus: "Camille! Enough! You're not yourself."
Cami: "I've always tried to get you to be something more human. I was wrong. You are exactly you're meant to be... and now I'm just like you."

Davina (to Witch): "Hi. Do you have any angelica flower? Okay, I know I've been shunned, but you can at least look at me."
Josh (to Witch): " Perhaps you've heard of it? No? Okay. Follow-up question-- do you happen to have any kind of comment box, or complaint hotline? Because I've got a few thoughts about your customer service that-- trust me-- you do not want to end up on Yelp."
Davina: "Josh. Let's just go."
Josh: "Okay, fine." (To Witch): "You know what? I'm taking these."

Elijah: "I sincerely hope you're calling from somewhere far, far away."
Aya: "I think we both know I won't leave until this prophecy is averted. Somewhere out there is a elusive weapon capable of killing an Original. I'm calling to suggest that we pool our efforts to find it."
Elijah: "I don't play well with others."
Aya: "Lucien's witch Alexis left her clues in a rather cryptic puzzle. What if I told you I had the means to put it together?"

Klaus (to Cami): "Let me help you and I promise you will live a life others only dream of."
Klaus (to Cami): "You're a fast learner Camille, I'll give you that but don't push it."
Klaus (to Cami): " the heartbeat. It will tell you when to stop."
Cami (to Klaus): "The fact that I am out of control, I'm out of your control, you hate it, don't you?"
Davina (to Witch): "Okay I know I've been shunned but you can at least look at me."
Aya (to Davina): "Meet the Sisters. Wayward souls with an extraordinary capacity for magic."
Davina (to Kol): "God. I missed you. I like this face just fine."



Last.fm_play.png "Hipster Shakes" – Black Pistol Fire
Last.fm_play.png "Show Pony" – Black Pistol Fire
Last.fm_play.png "More Than You Know" – Billie Holiday
Last.fm_play.png "Goodnight, Travel Well" – The Killers
Last.fm_play.png "Basic Instinct" – The Acid
Last.fm_play.png "Like I’m Gonna Lose You" – Jasmine Thompson




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