[Aya has gathered members of the Strix for a dinner, including Marcel, and is standing at the head of the table to address them]

AYA: Tristan de Martel guided this organization for centuries. He was a radical thinker, decisive leader, and, to each of us here tonight, both mentor and friend. He was, in a word, irreplaceable.

[Marcel reaches forward and lifts his champagne glass in a toast with a tiny smirk]

MARCEL: To Tristan de Martel.

[Aya gives Marcel a suspicious look, but the others in attendance raise their glasses as well before they drink. Aya continues her speech]

AYA: Though we grieve his loss, I will not allow that defeat to hamper our cause. We will stand united in the face of this tragedy-- of singular mind and of singular heart.

[Just then, a pale, blonde-haired young woman wearing a black hooded cloak walks into the room and joins Aya at the head of the table. Marcel seems intrigued by her presence]

AYA: To that end, I've asked our witch Ariane to conduct an assessment.


[The scene cuts back to a flashback, where Ariana is leading a group of six similarly-cloaked women in a ritual that involves a room filled with lit white candles and what looks like a large cow heart. Ariane sets the heart in a bowl on top of a stool in the middle of the circle, and the women link hands and circle around the heart as it beats within the bowl]


[Back in the present, Aya smiles fakely at the vampires at the table before turning back to Ariane, who has just lowered the hood of her cloak]

AYA: Tell me, Ariane-- when you looked into their hearts, what did you see?

[Ariane and Aya look around at the vampires seated before them, and they all look curious but slightly nervous]

AYA: Was it loyalty? Or something else?
ARIANE: Before each of you lies a card. A divination of your truest self. If your intentions are pure, you should not fear what it shows.

[Marcel is visibly nervous as he looks down at the plate before him, where a tarot card lays face-down. Aya walks over to the man to her left, who looks down at his own plate and turns the card over to reveal a Knight of Pentacles.

AYA: [pleased] A loyal knight.

[Aya walks to the next man to the left, who turns his card over. It, too, is a Knight of Pentacles. The next woman also has the same card. When Aya reaches the man sitting directly across from Marcel, who shares an anxious look with him before the man rises to his feet and spins so that he is standing nose-to-nose with Aya]

STRIX VAMPIRE: I owe no allegiance to you.

[Aya sneers at him for the briefest moment before karate-chopping his head clean off his shoulders. The man's decapitated body falls to the floor, and Marcel gulps nervously as Aya walks over to the table and pushes the now-empty seat forward]

AYA: I will not tolerate anyone conspiring to use our present circumstances as an opportunity for a power grab.

[Aya lifts up the tarot card that was given to the recently deceased vampire so that the table can see it. It's the Hanged Man. After a moment, Aya puts it down and gives Marcel a serious look]

AYA: And you, Marcel Gerard?

[Despite Marcel's obvious fear of what is in store for him, he forces himself to look Aya in the eye]

AYA: Do you seek to betray me for power as well?

[Marcel smiles weakly]

MARCEL: I'm hurt that you even have to ask.

[Though Marcel tries to look confident, his eyes betray him as he reaches down to turn over the card. He flips up the corner to prepare himself for what it holds, but after a brief moment, he exhales and turns the card over. It's the Knight of Pentacles. Aya sighs, but otherwise looks satisfied]

AYA: These are uncertain times. We need to be certain of each other.

[Marcel watches Aya as she walks back toward Ariane at the head of the table]

AYA: Despite what Elijah Mikaelson may have us believe, the prophecy of his demise is all too real. And, a threat to our sire is a threat against us. I, for one, am committed to ensuring our continued survival.

[Aya picks up her glass of champagne and holds it up, but doesn't take her eyes off of Marcel]

AYA: By whatever means necessary.



[Davina is at the market at Jackson Square, which is predominantly run by witches. She walks up to one of the stalls and addresses the woman working at the counter]

DAVINA: Hi. Do you have any angelica flower?

[The woman simply grinds herbs with a mortar and pestle and acts as though there is no one there, refusing to so much as make eye contact with her. Davina looks flustered and embarrassed]

DAVINA: Okay, I know I've been shunned, but you can at least look at me.

[The woman continues to ignore her until finally, Davina, near tears, walks away. Once she's a few meters away, Josh appears and walks up to the counter before cheerfully greeting the woman]

JOSH: Hellooooo! I'm in the market for some angelica.

[Davina, hearing what he's doing, turns back, but she only becomes more sad when the woman ignores him as well]

JOSH: Perhaps you've heard of it? No? Okay. Follow-up question-- do you happen to have any kind of comment box, or complaint hotline? Because I've got a few thoughts about your customer service that-- trust me-- you do not want to end up on Yelp.

[This comment causes the woman to at least acknowledge Josh' presence by sighing and rolling her eyes as she glances up at him. Davina, even more embarrassed now, walks over to Josh and gently grabs him by the elbow]

DAVINA: Josh, let's just go okay?
JOSH: [sighs] Okay, fine.

[Josh reaches over and grabs something off of the counter top before holding them up in front of the woman's face]

JOSH: But we're talking these.

[Davina yanks on his arm and pulls him away]


[Klaus has just returned home, and when he walks upstairs to his room, he finds an empty blood bag in his bed and sighs in annoyance as he picks it up and throws it aside. He then makes his way into Elijah's study, where he is going through old-looking notes printed on parchment]

KLAUS: [annoyed] Where the bloody hell is she?
ELIJAH: I assume we are talking about Camille...

[Klaus sighs in exasperation, and Elijah doesn't even look up from his research to continue their conversation]

ELIJAH: Just refresh my memory, Niklaus-- was I the one who impulsively handed her a daylight ring? Oh, no, that's right. It was you.
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] She left, didn't she?
ELIJAH: [sarcastically] Shocking turn of events, yes. So, why don't you go and find her? I shall deal with the growing nightmare of our family's potential extinction.
KLAUS: Yes, always the diligent defender, despite the fact that the danger has somewhat subsided, what, with Tristan de Martel now literally sleeping with the fishes?
ELIJAH: A darker threat remains. Now, if something out there is capable of killing us--

[Elijah lowers his voice to a mocking whisper]

ELIJAH: --We should probably find it.
KLAUS: [sighs] I'd love to. However, I got Camille into this mess...

[Just then, an exhausted and overwhelmed Hayley appears in the doorway with Hope balanced on her hip]

HAYLEY: She left around sunrise.

[At the sound of Hayley's voice, Elijah turns and stares at her in surprise while Klaus looks at them both with concern]

HAYLEY: My guess is that she needed some air?

[When Elijah and Klaus continue to stare silently at her, she sighs]

HAYLEY: I couldn't sleep. I saw her leaving from my balcony.

[Hayley pauses and fidgets nervously for a moment before speaking]

HAYLEY: So, I was wondering if maybe it was okay... if Hope and I stay here a few days?

[Elijah looks surprised but not unhappy to hear this request. He nods at her with a weak smile]

ELIJAH: Of course you may.

[Hayley gives him an appreciative look, but before anyone can say anything more, Elijah's phone buzzes, and he reluctantly pulls it out to check it. When he sees what it is, he gives her a guilty and apologetic look]

ELIJAH: Forgive me.

[Elijah leaves to deal with his call. Once he's gone, Klaus gives Hayley a comforting smile and approaches her on his way out the door]

KLAUS: Hayley, this family comes with many, many hardships, but there is at least one benefit-- you will always have a home here.

[It's clear that Hayley is still grieving, but she seems grateful for his kindness. Hope starts to whimper when Klaus leaves the room, and Hayley sadly bounces her on her hip to sooth her]

[In the hallway, Elijah has just answered his phone call. It's Aya, who is calling from the back of a limousine]

ELIJAH: I sincerely hope you're calling from somewhere far, far away.
AYA: I think we both know I won't leave until this prophecy is averted. Somewhere out there is an elusive weapon capable of killing an Original. I'm calling to suggest we pool our efforts to find it.
ELIJAH: [unamused] I don't play well with others.
AYA: [sighs] Lucien's witch Alexis left her clues in a rather cryptic puzzle. What if I told you I had the means to put it together?

[Elijah seems shocked by this revelation]


[Davina and Josh are walking down a street in the French Quarter while they catch up on what they've missed since they last saw each other]

JOSH: Davina, I called, like, a billion times. It's kind of enough to make a guy feel... I don't know, shunned or something.

[Davina gives Josh a look, and his expression becomes somewhat guilty]

JOSH: Sorry. Too soon?
DAVINA: [sighs] Josh, I'm sorry I haven't called you back. It's just, things have been really...

[Josh, understanding exactly what she means, nods in agreement as he spins and blocks her way so she can't walk any further]

JOSH: Really... yeah, awful. No kidding. The thing is, this is kind of the whole reason you have friends, so you don't have to do the terrible parts alone alone.

[Just then, a limousine pulls up to the curb, which both concerns and confuses Josh]

JOSH: Whoa. Hey, should I be worried, or, like, really excited right now?

[The window is rolled down to reveal Aya in the backseat, who looks amused but impatient. Josh sighs and looks even more concerned by the sight of her]

AYA: Hello, Joshua. Ms. Claire, I assume you know who I am?

[Davina, looking nervous, nods at her]

AYA: I suggest you get in. We've much to discuss.

[Josh looks concerned, but Davina gives him a reassuring look]

DAVINA: I'll call you later, I promise.

[Davina gets into the limo and sits down next to Aya before they drive away, leaving Josh standing on the curb]


[A live band is playing at Rousseau's when Cami strides in confidently and strips off her jacket as she makes her way to the bar. The bartender on shift is dancing behind the bar as she mixes a drink, but is stunned when she sees Cami]

BARTENDER: Cami! Damn girl, you look amazing.
CAMI: [smirks] You know, I feel amazing.

[Just then, a frat boy-type wearing a backwards baseball cap walks up to the bar to order drinks]

FRAT BOY: Hey, four tequila shots, stat. And don't be afraid to move that sweet ass.

[The bartender looks uncomfortable, but goes to make the drinks, and Cami, extremely annoyed, shoots the man a look]

CAMI: Real nice. She works hard, you know.

[The frat boy turns and leers at her]

FRAT BOY: Oh yeah? How about you, gorgeous? You work hard, too?

[Cami pretends to be a ditzy girl and smiles fakely at him as she seductively slides her hands over his shoulders]

CAMI: Sure. As a matter of fact, right now, it's hard work resisting the urge to rip your throat out with my teeth.

[She chuckles at her own joke before she stares him in the eyes]

CAMI: [compels him] You're gonna find an ATM, and you're going to max out your daily limit and leave that nice, underpaid bartender the biggest tip she's ever seen. Then, you're gonna meet me in the alley out back so we can have some real fun together.

[The frat boy looks confused as Cami's voice becomes annoyed again]

CAMI: And turn that hat around. You're an adult.

[She pats him patronizingly on the chest and walks away, and the frat boy unconsciously reaches up to turn his hat so the bill is facing forward. As he walks away, the bartender sits two glasses of scotch onto the bar for Cami]

BARTENDER: These drinks are for you, from the guy at the end of the bar. He was pretty insistent.

[The bartender walks away, revealing that Klaus is the man at the end of the bar. When Cami looks over at him, he wiggles his fingers at her in a wave, and Cami gives him a look]


[Aya has just brought Davina to another one of the rooms in the Strix's headquarters, which has a large, in-ground pool in the middle that is full of herbs and flowers. Kneeling around the pool are six female witches, including Ariane, who are surrounded by candles and seem to be doing some kind of ritual. Aya, who has a parchment scroll in her hand, leads Davina toward the pool]

AYA: As you know from your own experience, any vampire who seeks true power will inevitably require the aid of a witch. We Strix are no exception. However, I have found that witches for hire can only be trusted so far, and so... meet the Sisters, wayward souls with an extraordinary capacity for magic. Of course, when I found them, they were nothing but orphans and outcasts belonging nowhere and with no one until they found a home here with us.
DAVINA: [surprised] So, the Strix have their own personal coven?
AYA: Think of them as consultants held on retainer. If your nine covens are a burning candle, what you see before you is a five-alarm fire. In fact, they are the only coven in the world capable of casting this...

[Aya hands the scroll to Davina, who unfurls it and skims its contents. When she realizes what it is, her eyes widen in shock, and Aya looks satisfied by this reaction]

AYA: The spell to raise the dead.
DAVINA: [stunned] How did you know?
AYA: About your dogged desire to bring back Kol Mikaelson?

[Aya gestures toward the Sisters]

AYA: That's what they're for. The Sisters search the unknown and reveal to me anything that may be of use... Including what I need to make you my ally.

[Davina looks at Aya nervously]

DAVINA: What do you want from me?
AYA: I'll make certain you're granted the power to bring back your precious Kol. In exchange, you will take a vow of fealty and become one of my Sisters. It's all rather straight-forward, I assure you. Each of them faced a similar choice.

[Davina seems torn between wanting to resurrect Kol and being wary of what will be expected of her from the Strix when he's back. Ariane looks up from what she's doing and makes eye-contact with Davina for a brief moment before returning to her work]

AYA: That which you most wish for is within your grasp. The question is, are you willing to pay the price?

[Davina continues to consider her options as Ariane once again looks up at her with a significant look]


[Cami and Klaus have moved to a corner booth, where they're having another drink together. Cami gives him a fake smile]

CAMI: Thank you for the drink.
KLAUS: [smirks] Well, you seemed rather thirsty.
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] Mmm.
KLAUS: [sighs] You would've torn him apart, whether you meant to or not. Probably doing the world a favor in the process, but...
CAMI: I'm a vampire now, Klaus. Isn't that what we do? We hunt. We feed. We kill?

[Klaus, looking slightly embarrassed, gives Cami a look]

KLAUS: We might want to keep our voices down just a little bit...

[Cami continues to speak at regular volume]

CAMI: Why? Can't we just compel anyone to do anything we want? Isn't that what you do all the time?

[Klaus is clearly concerned by her personality change, but he tries his best to remain patient]

KLAUS: What I do and what you do are not the same thing. Now, I know our little chats may have you feeling like you're quite the expert, but you're not equipped to live in this world.

[Cami considers this for a moment before she sighs and seems to revert back to her old self]

CAMI: Maybe you're right. My emotions are all over the place. I feel like someone turned up the volume on my life, and I can't hear myself think. And everything feels so good, but it's all happening at once.

[This admission seems to relieve Klaus a bit, and he slides closer to Cami so he can talk to her better]

KLAUS: So let me help you! And I promise, you will live a life others only dream of.

[Cami seems interested by this offer, and Klaus smiles and her]

KLAUS: Besides, if you're gonna learn, you may as well learn from the best.


[Davina is in the middle of setting up for a spell in the attic where she used to live by laying down a salt circle around a chaise lounge. Once she's finished, she explains what she's about to do to Josh, who seems very wary of what she's planning]

DAVINA: So, it's really just a simple suspension spell. The poison stops my heart, and the spell keeps me from dying for good.
JOSH: [sarcastically] Cool. Yeah, now I'm totally on board. Uh, just except for the part about the poison, your heart, and whatever you said at the end there about dying.
DAVINA: [sighs] Josh, the witches won't even look at me, let alone help me. If I'm gonna find out if that spell really works, I need to go to the only witch I trust, and that would be Kol.
JOSH: Hmm. Your dead boyfriend who currently resides in spooky-witch-purgatory along with all the other dead spirits who shunned you? Sure! What could possibly go wrong?
DAVINA: Relax! I'm just gonna pop over and pop back. Easy.

[She pauses for a moment before she continues]

DAVINA: ...All I need to do is channel your power.

[Josh gapes at her in shock and exasperation]

JOSH: No. Uh-uh. No, no, no. You see this foot, Davina? This is me putting it down for once, okay? For your own good.

[Just then, Davina gets woozy and stumbles, and Josh rushes forward to catch her before she falls on the ground]

JOSH: Oh... Easy.

[He steers her over to the chaise lounge to sit her down when he realizes what is really going on]

JOSH: Uh, and you already took the poison, didn't you?
JOSH: [sighs] Huh. Okay. For the record, if you looked up "uncool" in the dictionary, there would just be a tiny drawing of what's happening right now.

[Davina looks at him pleadingly, and Josh finally relents]

JOSH: What do I need to do?

[Davina weakly picks up a knife before taking his hand and slicing his palm open. She then slices her own palm as well, and grasps Josh's bleeding hand tightly]

DAVINA: [quietly] Whatever happens, don't let go, okay? You're my link to the living.

[Davina finally stops fighting the effects of the poison and closes her eyes while Josh looks at her worriedly and keeps clutching her hand in his own]


[The scene is gray-toned as Davina opens her eyes and sits up on the chaise lounge. She looks around the attic for a moment before standing to her feet and heading for the door. After a moment, she turns back and sees Josh staring at her own body with concern and seems overwhelmed by how surreal the scene looks. After a moment, she quietly calls out to him]


[When she realizes that he can't hear her, she turns and walks out of the attic]


[Aya has just led Elijah back into the same room with the pool where Aya brought Davina earlier, where she explains to her sire what she's been trying to achieve since coming to New Orleans. The majority of the Sisters are gone, except for Ariane, who is still working by the pool]

AYA: We've searched for a seer for decades. Ultimately, we have made a rather startling discovery.

[Aya turns to the Sisters]

AYA: Ariane, come forward, please.

[Ariane stands to her feet and does as she's told. Once she's joined Aya and Elijah at the front of the room, she stares at Elijah curiously. Elijah, on the other hand, seems skeptical of the young witch's power]

ELIJAH: This is your secret weapon?
AYA: She's untrained, of course, but she's shown a spark of talent. Which, in itself, is unbelievably rare.
ELIJAH: [suspiciously] And what do you want from me?
AYA: Witches like Ariane spend years absorbing all manner of information. They see patterns in the chaos, in part because they view history as a whole. Sadly, we don't have that kind of time.

[Aya looks over at Ariane, who continues to stare at Elijah as she explains what she plans to do]

ARIANE: Water will act as a conductor, allowing me to enter your mind.

[Ariane lowers her hood before stripping off her cloak and holding it out for Elijah to take]

ARIANE: To know everything you know, to understand everything that you've learned in a thousand years.

[Elijah does not seem to like the sound of this, so Aya interjects to try to reassure him as Ariane walks into the pool, fully clothed in her long black dress]

AYA: Think of it as a crash course into your mind, garnering just enough information to answer the only question that matters.

[Ariane turns in the water until she is facing Elijah again, and she looks at him expectantly as she waits for him to join her]


[A still-grieving Hayley returns to her apartment with Hope in her arms in order to get a few more things to take back to the compound. It's clear that being in the home she shared with Jackson is painful for her, and she seems to be in a hurry to get out of there as soon as possible. She walks over to the kitchen table and starts rifling through the toys and other possessions that are sitting on top of it]

HAYLEY: What do you want to take?

[Hope makes no sound and simply looks around the room, so Hayley picks up the little wooden knight Klaus made for Rebekah when they were children and holds it up]

HAYLEY: Your little knight?

[She then picks up a stuffed horse]

HAYLEY: What about horsey?

[Hayley suddenly notices one of Jackson's flannel shirts hanging over the back of the chair across from her and is overwhelmed by the memory of his death. After a moment, Hayley hastily grabs a stuffed rabbit from the table and gives it to Hope]

HAYLEY: Bunny it is. Let's go.

[Hayley quickly rushes out of the apartment with Hope and the bunny in tow, leaving the wooden knight and the horse on the table next to Jackson's shirt]


[It's night time in Ancestral Limbo, and Davina looks nervous as she walks down the abandoned streets of the French Quarter, glancing around anxiously to make sure her presence hasn't been noticed by any of the dead witch spirits. As she walks, a shadowy figure rushes out of the alley and grabs her to pull her into it. Davina becomes terrified and starts to struggle against the mysterious person before she realizes who it is]

DAVINA: Stop it! Let go of me!

[Just then, she sees that it's Kol, in his original body, and she stops talking as he frantically tries to quiet her down]

KOL: Easy now, easy now! Don't take off my head.

[Davina looks at Kol in surprise and relief, though a part of her is still concerned that she's being tricked by the Ancestors somehow]

KOL: [smiles widely] Come on, you don't recognize this roguish grin? I guess my true face is just too handsome.
DAVINA: [chuckles nervously] You certainly sound like Kol Mikaelson.
KOL: Oh, Davina Claire...

[Kol opens his arms and pulls Davina into a tight hug as he smiles, visibly thrilled to see his long-lost girlfriend]

KOL: Oh, you are a sight for bleary and battered eyes! You're also stark raving mad. Do you have any idea what would happen if the Ancestors found you here?

[Just as Kol finishes speaking, the streetlights around them start to flicker and buzz with electricity, which makes Kol extremely concerned]

KOL: Come on. We can't stay here.

[Kol grabs her by the hand and pulls her away so they can take cover somewhere safe]


[Elijah, who has stripped off his suit jacket but is otherwise clothed, has joined Ariane in the pool. He's floating on his back as she uses her thumb to mark a line from his hairline to the bridge of his nose before laying her right hand on his chest and closing her eyes to absorb his memories and knowledge. Just then, Elijah's muscles spasm, and he arches his back and yelps in pain as Ariane struggles to take in his entire life's experiences]

ELIJAH: Agh! Ahh!

[His memories speed by in quick flashes, including: Mikael attempting to stake Elijah in the 1919 flashbacks in Le Grand Guignol, Elijah watching as Klaus returns with Henrik's dead body in the 1001 flashbacks in Ordinary People, Elijah both ripping out Agnes' heart in Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah attacking Hayley while overwhelmed by a hybrid bite in The River in Reverse, Elijah's recently-undaggered body spasming in Klaus after awakening in the Salvatore Boarding House without an invitation, Elijah ducking as Elena Gilbert throws a vervain grenade at him in Rose, Elijah watching as Gia burns to death in Fire with Fire, Elijah holding Hayley in the swimming pool at the former Mikaelson Mansion in Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, the Guerrera werewolves biting and attacking him in The Battle of New Orleans, Elijah catching arrows and axes thrown by the Crescent wolves in City Beneath The Sea, Elijah and his siblings watching as Klaus killed Mikael for a second time in Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Klaus daggering Elijah in Always and Forever, Elijah and Klaus watching as Freya performs the spell to confirm Alexis' prophecy in For the Next Millennium, Elijah and Klaus meeting with the Guerreras in the 1919 flashbacks in Dance Back from the Grave, Elijah's first appearance after arriving in New Orleans in 1711 on the ship with his family in Always and Forever, Elijah talking to Katerina Petrova in the flashbacks in Katerina, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah vowing to stay together "always and forever" in the 1001 flashbacks in Ordinary People, and Elijah talking to the Count de Martel in the 1002 flashbacks in I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, among many, many others that were too quick to catch]

[Finally, overwhelmed by the spell, Elijah jerks upright in the pool and yells at the top of his lungs, and Ariane gasps as she recovers as well]


[Both Ariane and Elijah pant for breath as they try to process what just happened, but Aya impatiently interrupts them]

AYA: Did you see it? The weapon?

[Ariane turns to face Elijah, who is now standing in the pool, and looks at him with wide, terrified eyes]

ARIANE: All your family has endured... and yet the worst is still to come. An unending darkness lies before you. A lone figure. A pale horse. A flame that will burn you all.

[Ariane continues to look overwhelmed, while both Elijah and Aya are shocked by what she's just said]


[A young man and woman are making out in an alley off the main street when Cami confidently approaches them. Several yards behind her, Klaus leans against the wall of a building and watches her as she pulls the man of of her by the hair and stares him in the eyes]

CAMI: [compels him] Don't move, and don't make a sound.

[Cami shoves him out of the way before turning toward the girl, whose shoulders she squeezes gently with her hands while the girl's boyfriend watches in confusion. Cami looks the girl straight in the eyes as well]

CAMI: No one can help you. Do you understand?

[The girl nods as Klaus walks toward them with a pleased smile]

KLAUS: Young, healthy... A tad unsophisticated, but not bad.

[Cami looks at the girl hungrily before vamping out and sinking her fangs into the her neck]

KLAUS: Listen to the heartbeat. It will tell you when to stop.

[Cami continues feeding on the girl's blood while both Klaus and Cami listen to her heartbeat. It starts off very fast due to fear and confusion, but it quickly starts to slow down, and Klaus becomes concerned when she doesn't stop]

KLAUS: Cami--

[Cami ignores him and keeps feeding, and Klaus sighs in frustration as he looks around to make sure no one is watching]

KLAUS: Camille!

[Cami continues to ignore him, forcing Klaus to pull Cami off of her and shove her backward away from her victims]

KLAUS: Enough!

[Cami rolls her eyes sarcastically at his reaction]

CAMI: I'm sorry, are you, of all people, offering me a lesson in restraint?

[She laughs in amusement, and Klaus, annoyed, frustrated, and worried by Cami's behavior, turns to the young man and woman, who continue to stare at them in fear without moving]

KLAUS: [compels them] Leave now. Forget my face, and that of my mouthy blonde friend.

[The couple do as they've been ordered and rush away as Klaus turns back to Cami with an exasperated expression]

KLAUS: We should go. You're not yourself.
CAMI: [annoyed] I am myself, and I'm not finished. And, by the way, I resent the critique! I spent the last two years listening to every malicious thing you've ever done. How many hundreds of people have you killed, Klaus?
KLAUS: [sighs] Actually, I measure the number in the hundreds of thousands, leaving me no hope of absolution.

[Klaus gives her a significant look in an effort to emphasize how serious he is being]

KLAUS: It's not a fate I wish for you.

[Cami sighs and walks toward him, sliding her hands up his chest and squeezing his shoulders before moving her hands up to his neck]

CAMI: You don't get it. I've always tried to get you to be something else, something more human... and I was wrong. You are exactly what you're meant to be, and now I'm just like you.

[Cami cups his face with her hands and leans in to kiss him, but Klaus pulls away, torn between worrying about the possibility of losing the old Cami and his intrigue regarding Cami's new self as a vampire. He pauses for a moment as he struggles for the words to say]

KLAUS: This... It's not you, Camille.

[Cami looks slightly disappointed as she cups Klaus' chin in her hand]

CAMI: You're right--

[Suddenly, Cami takes advantage of Klaus' lowered guard and flicks her wrist, snapping his neck and letting his body crumple onto the ground]

CAMI: --It's better.

[Cami smiles smugly as she walks away]


[After leaving Klaus behind in the alley, Cami walks down the street to a coffee cart, where she see Will Kinney buying himself a drink and gets an idea. He finishes paying and takes his drink from the cashier]

KINNEY: [to the cashier] Thank you.

[Cami walks toward Kinney just as he's turning around, and she purposely bumps into him, pretending as though she didn't notice his presence and had simply walked into him on accident. When she "notices" Kinney, she reverts back to her cheerful old self]

CAMI: Ah! I'm sorry, I am such a klutz...
KINNEY: [smiles] No, no, it's fine.

[Kinney looks somewhat nervous as he talks to her]

KINNEY: Cami, it's really great to see you. How... how are things?
CAMI: [smiles] You know-- same old, same old. You?
KINNEY: Can't complain. Back on the job, which I have the strangest feeling is somehow thanks to you.

[Cami continues to smile at him, and it almost looks as though she's back to her old self]

CAMI: You're a good cop, Will. Clearly, I'm not the only one who knows it.

[They smile at each other for a moment before Cami pretends to be embarrassed about what she has to say]

CAMI: Okay, heh.. Full disclosure-- this wasn't a total accident. I need a favor. Do you have a second?

[Kinney seems surprised, but nods in agreement]

KINNEY: Yeah. Yeah, want to take a walk?

[Cami smiles as the two go to walk together]


[Davina and Kol have made it to Rousseau's, which is set up exactly how it was when Klaus and Cami were there earlier. The two walk toward the bar, where Davina looks at him with concern and confusion]

DAVINA: Are you gonna tell me what's going on?
KOL: [sighs] Bottom line-- you don't belong here. Luckily, the Ancestors aren't big pub-goers. More of the graveyard and goat sacrifices types. We should be all right here 'til we can figure out how to get you back.

[Kol looks at her longingly before lunging toward her and kissing her passionately, cupping her face in his hands while he does so. However, Davina, still overwhelmed by everything, pulls away, which seems to hurt Kol's feelings]

KOL: [sadly] I see. You preferred the other look more.

[Davina looks at him guiltily]

DAVINA: No, I'm... I'm sorry. It's not that. I know it's you. It's just... you're so different. I'm still adjusting. Not to mention, we're in a freaky ghost-land, so...

[Kol, somewhat mollified by this response, smiles at her as he cups her face with his hands again]

KOL: I have an idea. Close your eyes.

[Davina closes her eyes just as Billie Holiday's "More Than You Know" starts to play around them, the same song that played when they danced just before Kol (in Kaleb's body) died in I Love You, Goodbye. Kol gently puts his arms around her and leans in so her forehead is resting against their cheek as the two begin to slowly sway back and forth]

KOL: Think back to the last night we were together. Our last dance.

[Kol smiles blissfully as he spins Davina around in a true dance, and they both simply enjoy each other's presence for several moments while Kol presses his forehead against hers and runs his fingers through her hair. Davina laces her fingers between his and smiles widely at him]

DAVINA: God, I've missed you. And, for the record, I like this face just fine.
KOL: [grins] Really?
DAVINA: [nods] Mmhmm.

[Suddenly, Davina notices what looks like a light bruise on the side of his face and becomes concerned]

DAVINA: Kol, what's happening to you here?
KOL: [evasively] It's nothing. Really.

[Kol brushes a lock of hair off of Davina's face and sighs]

KOL: You shouldn't have come here, Davina. There's a darkness to this place.
DAVINA: [frowns] Kol, I had to find you. I think I found a way to bring you back!

[Kol seems stunned by this revelation, though he seems concerned that it's too good to be true. Davina hands him the scroll she was given by Aya, and he unfurls it and begins to read]


[Cami is standing in the doorway to Lucien's penthouse while she waits for Kinney, since the apartment was spelled by Alexis so that only vampires from Klaus' sireline could enter without an invitation. After a moment, Kinney returns with a cardboard box in his hands, looking confused and uncertain]

KINNEY: It was under the floorboards like you said. What is all this, anyway?

[Kinney hands her the box, which Cami opens to see what all is inside]

CAMI: Oh, you know how it is. Things go wrong with a guy, and he still has a bunch of your stuff...

[Cami pulls what looks like a round dark object out of the box and tosses it lightly into the air before catching it again]

CAMI: Oh, these are gonna come in really handy.

[She then leads Will out of the apartment toward the elevator, and he follows behind her with a dazed expression as he continues to carry the box of dark objects]

KINNEY: Why am I doing everything you say?

[Kinney begins to panic]

KINNEY: This is crazy. Breaking and entering, grand larceny...

[Cami turn s and smiles at him sweetly]

CAMI: You're doing it because I asked you so nicely.
KINNEY: [confused] But why...?
CAMI: Because I can't go in myself.
KINNEY: But why are you doing this?
CAMI: Because I have been the victim in someone else's story one too many times. I want back what's mine, and now I have the power to take it.

[Just then, the elevator arrives, and Cami turns to walk through the open doors. However, she stops dead in her tracks when she finds Klaus in the elevator waiting for her with an annoyed expression]

KLAUS: I admit, even given your new outlook on life, I'm surprised at your willingness to compel. Past protestations of free will and all that.
CAMI: [smirks] What can I say?

[Cami nonchalantly tosses the dark object in her hand again, but Klaus catches it before she can and holds it up in front of her face]

CAMI: I've changed.

[Cami turns around to face Kinney, who instinctively backs away from her, but Klaus vamp-speeds around to block her from getting any closer to him before pointing at her with his left index finger]

KLAUS: You're a fast learner, Camille, I'll give you that... But don't push it.

[Cami seems put out for a moment, but she eventually smirks at him]


[Kol is still examining the copy of the resurrection spell Davina has shown him, and it's clear that he's not thrilled about what he's just seen]

KOL: Hate to break it to you, love... It's a fake.

[Kol walks toward Davina and sits the spell on the bar before walking past her to pour himself a drink]

KOL: Looks like someone's trying to put one over on you.

[Davina, shocked by this response, narrows her eyes at him]

DAVINA: You're lying.

[Kol looks up at her, a bottle of bourbon still in hand, but remains silent, confirming Davina's suspicion]

DAVINA: Why? Don't you get it? You can live again. Isn't that what you want?

[Kol can't bear to look Davina in the eye, and he drinks his entire glass of bourbon in one gulp and pauses for a moment before he finally turns to face her]

KOL: More than anything, Davina Claire. But do you have any idea how dangerous that spell is? I haven't seen anything even remotely like it since...

[Kol trails off for a moment before he is struck by a dawning realization of how Davina got the spell and looks at her in horror]

KOL: ...The Strix Coven.

[Davina looks at the floor and shifts uncomfortably, which answers Kol's question, though he asks it anyway]

KOL: This is their work, isn't it?

[When Davina gives Kol a pleading look, Kol walks toward Davina and gently touches her arms with his hands]

KOL: Please tell me you haven't done something foolish.
DAVINA: They can give me power, Kol. Real power! I can bring you back!

[Kol sighs and shakes his head in disagreement]

KOL: Find another way, love. Not with them. Nothing is worth what they'll make you do.

[Just then, the air around them becomes so cold that Davina's breath turns into fog in the air, just before a severe wind starts to blow, and the electricity starts to buzz and flicker around them. Both Kol and Davina become panicked when they realize they could be discovered at any moment]

KOL: The Ancestors... They're close.

[The electricity continues to flicker, and the jukebox magically turns itself on and starts to play an old-fashioned jazz song. Suddenly, the lights all go out at once, and when Kol and Davina turn toward the door, they see the shadowy figures of many of the Ancestors prowling around outside. When they see them head for the front door and whisper among themselves, Kol starts to back away from it]

KOL: [whispers] Go! Go! Come behind the bar!

[Kol and Davina duck down behind the bar and press their backs against it, doing their best to remain as still and silent as they can as the Ancestors, dressed in clothes from a variety of eras, telekinetically open the doors and file into the restaurant. The two continue to hide and watch the shadows of the Ancestors as they look around for them, holding their breath as they get dangerously close to the bar. Fortunately for Kol and Davina, the Ancestors leave before they are able to find them, and once they hear them walk out the door and close it behind them, they both let out a sigh of relief. Kol rubs his brow nervously as the lights turn back on]


[Klaus and Cami have just returned to the compound, continuing a fight that seems to have been going on since they left Lucien's apartment. Cami is yelling at Klaus as they enter the first floor living room]

CAMI: [angrily] You have no right! Those dark objects are my family's legacy.
KLAUS: [frustrated] Well, that's funny, because I seem to remember my brother Kol making them, so perhaps they've been my family's legacy all along!

[Klaus turns his back to her, so she vamp-speeds in front of him to block his way before she sneers at him coldly]

CAMI: Give them back, or I will take them back, and I swear you will regret this moment.
KLAUS: [exasperatedly] The only thing I regret is failing to realize how far you've spun out of control! And you can forget about leaving.

[Cami continues to stare at Klaus with a blank expression as she moves so they're nearly nose-to-nose]

CAMI: She was right, wasn't she? Aurora? She did this to turn you against me, to rob me of the one advantage I have over her... My humanity. And me, like this? It's a problem for you, isn't it? Not the darkness-- that you find intriguing-- the fact that I am out of control.

[Klaus scowls at her accurate assessment, which only makes Cami more smug]

CAMI: I'm out of your control, and you hate it, don't you? You have spent ten centuries getting the entire world to tremble at your name, but you're the one who's terrified, Klaus. You are a scared little kid, convinced he'll be tossed aside the second he isn't needed.

[Klaus angrily grabs Cami by the arm, and she yelps in surprise]

CAMI: Let go of me!

[Just then, an exhausted and weary-looking Hayley appears behind them]

HAYLEY: You can't just force her to stay here, Klaus.

[Klaus glares at Hayley, but Cami looks relieved]

CAMI: Finally! Someone who's on my side.

[Hayley gives Cami a look]

HAYLEY: Oh, don't get me wrong-- I remember when I turned, and you for sure shouldn't have a box of witch crap.

[Hayley turns her attention to Klaus, who is annoyed by this entire situation]

HAYLEY: But, you can't hold her hostage, either. Let me talk to her.
KLAUS: [unamused] I hardly think now is the time for a women's empowerment meeting.

[Hayley sighs and stares Klaus in the eyes with a no-nonsense expression]

HAYLEY: She died, Klaus, because she got caught up in the Mikaelson world. Just like me. Just like Jackson. So yeah, she and I have a few things to talk about.

[Klaus looks as though he's about to argue, but before he can say anything, Elijah enters the room and gives Elijah a significant look]

ELIJAH: Niklaus... A word?

[Klaus sighs before leaving Hayley and Cami to talk and joining Elijah in his study]


[Kol and Davina are anxiously walking through the Jackson Square Market as fast as they can. After a moment, Kol turns to Davina with a panicked expression]

KOL: Now, where did you cross over?
DAVINA: The church. St. Anne's.

[Kol puts his hand on Davina's back and urgently pushes her in front of him]

KOL: All right. You keep going, no matter what happens. If I fall behind, don't look back.

[Before Kol can say anything more, he and Davina stop dead in their tracks when they find a witch blocking their path several yards ahead of them. It's Kara Nguyen, the woman Davina had Hayley kill in You Hung the Moon in exchange for reversing the Crescent Curse. Davina looks terrified when she sees Kara, whose smile indicates she is enjoying her opportunity for payback]

KARA: Hello, Davina.

[Davina and Kol both gulp nervously at the sight of the Elder witch]


[Klaus has joined Elijah in his study, where Elijah is explaining what he learned from Aya and Ariane, along with his research into the prophecies]

ELIJAH: I thought the pale horse might be something Biblical, or even tied to one of the equestrian constellations. There's Pegasus, perhaps even Equuleus.

[Klaus sighs in annoyance and frustration]

KLAUS: Neither of those sounds like a weapon, unless they plan to bore us to death.

[Klaus flops down on the couch behind him]

KLAUS: You know, it would be nice if, just once, the witches bloody well said what they mean.

[Elijah, correctly identifying the source of Klaus' concern and frustration as being due to Cami, gives him a significant look]

ELIJAH: Camille has just turned, Niklaus. Leave her be.
KLAUS: [scoffs] You think I should abandon her, then?
ELIJAH: [sighs] She's already served as a pawn in Aurora's games. Her distance would be a mercy.

[Elijah makes eye contact with Klaus and looks at him pleadingly]

ELIJAH: I need you. A storm is coming.

[Klaus, knowing that Elijah is right, reluctantly nods in agreement]

[Downstairs in the wine cellar, Cami has been listening to Elijah and Klaus' conversation with her enhanced hearing until Hayley finally starts to talk to her]

HAYLEY: Look, I know it may not seem like it right now, but what you're going through? It does get better. And there are people around you that are willing to get you to that point.

[When Cami, still too absorbed in Klaus and Elijah's conversation to fully pay attention, remains silent, Hayley snaps her out of her distraction]

HAYLEY: Cami...?

[Cami finally looks at Hayley and smiles patronizingly]

CAMI: Yes. That's very sweet, Hayley, and I think you should take your own advice.

[Hayley seems slightly hurt and confused by this reaction, and after a moment, Cami continues]

CAMI: I mean, that is why you wanted to speak to me, right? To get some words of wisdom from the Mikaelson family therapist?

[Hayley frowns, not knowing where Cami is going with this, so Cami gets to the point]

CAMI: I say admit it. It's not guilt, it's relief.

[Hayley looks appalled by this statement and scowls at Cami]

HAYLEY: What did you just say?
CAMI: [plays dumb] Oh, come on. It's just us girls! You don't have to deny it. It's obvious-- you're in love with Elijah, and now that Jackson's gone, you're free. It must be nice, like a weight lifted.

[Hayley looks absolutely furious, but does her best to keep herself calm, as she has been in this position herself. After a moment, she finally takes a deep breath and responds in a cold voice]

HAYLEY: You're going through a really hard time right now, Cami, but you are never, ever to speak to me of my husband again. Do you understand me?

[The sharpness of Hayley's tone seems to cut Cami down to her old self, and she looks horrified by just how cruel she just was before she begins to panic]

CAMI: I... I don't know what's wrong with me. Why would I say that?

[Hayley sighs deeply, still furious about what Cami just said but knowing that she didn't necessarily mean it]

HAYLEY: You're manic. It's part of it.

[Cami processes this all for a moment before she speaks]

CAMI: I think I wanted to make you feel pain like I do. And so I said an evil, unfair thing... An untrue thing, Hayley.

[Hayley sighs again, but can't meet Cami's eyes]

HAYLEY: Forget it. You're not you.
CAMI: [sadly] I thought I could handle this...
HAYLEY: You can. You will. You just need time.

[The two women sit in silence for a long moment, neither able to make eye contact with the other out of hurt and embarrassment]

CAMI: I think maybe I should go home...

[Cami waits for Hayley to say something, but when she does, Cami simply walks out of the room and leaves without another word]


[In ANCESTRAL LIMBO, Davina and Kol are still standing in front of Kara in the market. Kara is sneering at the two and looks ready to get revenge on the woman who ordered her death]

KARA: No one can help you now. Certainly not the spirit of a dead vampire.

[Kol glares at her before standing protectively in front of Davina]

KOL: Alright, that's about enough out of you--

[Before he can finish speaking, Kara thrusts out her hand, throwing Kol backward with such a powerful telekinetic blast that he's thrown backward into a stall, which collapses under his weight]

DAVINA: [shrieks] KOL!

[Davina is about to rush over and help him when Kara flicks her wrist and squeezes her hand into a fist, casting a pain infliction spell on Davina that brings her to her knees as she clutches her head with her hands and cries in pain]

[In the REAL WORLD, Josh is still clutching Davina's hand and staring at her with worry when she starts to stir and whimper in pain as a result of Kara's pain infliction spell from Limbo. Josh is so distracted that it takes him a few moments before he realizes that Ariane is standing behind him. She points her index and middle finger at him before flicking her wrist, using her magic to slit Josh's throat. Josh starts to choke and grabs his throat with his free hand until he passes out from whatever spell she cast on him. He manages to cling onto Davina for a few more moments until he completely loses consciousness, which causes him to let go of her hand and break Davina's anchor to the living world]

[In ANCESTRAL LIMBO, Kara continues to cast her pain infliction spell on Davina as Davina cries out in pain]

KARA: Now I'm gonna make you suffer the way you made me suffer.

[Just then, Ariane appears out of nowhere and stands between Davina and Kara, holding her hand up in front of Kara's face]

ARIANE: Leave!

[Kara is thrown backward by the force of Ariane's magic]


[Kara is pulled back into an an alley and mysteriously vanishes, allowing Davina and Kol to recover from their injuries. Davina whimpers disorientedly as Ariane rushes over to her]

DAVINA: Ungh...
ARIANE: [urgently] I can help you cross back, but we have to go now.

[Davina, who is helping Kol sit up, looks panicked]


[Klaus walks into Hayley's old bedroom, where she's sitting on the edge of her bed with her back turned to him, obviously still affected by Cami's words earlier]

KLAUS: [frantically] Where is Camille?
HAYLEY: [sighs] She went home.

[Klaus gives her a look, which Hayley quickly returns]

HAYLEY: She needed some time, and yes, I let her go. I know you think you're helping, but all you're doing is pissing her off, and that's the last thing she needs. Trust me.

[Klaus doesn't exactly look mad, but it's clear he's trying not to be overly rude to her]

KLAUS: I really don't think--

[Hayley rolls her eyes and cuts him off]

HAYLEY: Listen, Klaus. The Cami that you knew is gone.

[Klaus gulps nervously, knowing that Hayley is right]

HAYLEY: And whoever she's gonna be is something that she has to figure out by herself.
KLAUS: [quietly] I just wanted to keep her safe...

[Hayley, still raw from Jackson's death, has little energy to argue with Klaus. Though what she says sound mean on paper, in reality, she's simply exhausted and defeated]

HAYLEY: Yeah? Well, guess what. The people you think you're keeping safe? Elijah, Rebekah, even Hope? Sometimes, you do them more harm than good.

[Surprisingly, Klaus doesn't seem offended by this comment. Instead, it seems to have triggered a realization in him, and he huffs a dark laugh under his breath. Hayley looks at him in confusion]

KLAUS: What you just said-- keeping Rebekah safe? I know what the weapon is.

[Hayley looks stunned by this change in topic, and Klaus frowns as he turns to leave and find Elijah]

KLAUS: I made it myself.


[Kol, Davina, and Ariane have just arrived at the Ancestral Limbo version of St. Anne's Church, where they're walking through Marcel's fight gym to get to the attic. A crackling noise is heard as the stained glass windows appear to magically frost over. Kol finds a large plank of wood to use to reinforce the locked front doors, but it's obvious that it won't old long against the Ancestors. When the lights start to flicker, Kol rushes over to Davina]

KOL: Go! I'll handle them. At least buy you a minute or two.

[The Ancestors start to use their power to pound against the door, and Davina becomes frantic at the idea of leaving Kol behind]


[Davina looks over at Ariane, who looks grim]

DAVINA: We're not leaving without him!
ARIANE: [apologetically] He can't come where we're going. Not yet. If we leave now, we can come back.

[Davina shakes her head hysterically and looks over at Kol, who squeezes her hands]

KOL: If you don't go now, we're both lost. Besides, this way, you owe me one, and don't think for a second I won't aim to collect.

[Kol leans forward and kisses Davina on the forehead before gently pushing her toward Ariane, who is heading for the staircase to the attic]'

KOL: [urgently] Go. Go!

[The Ancestors continue to slam against the doors as Davina reluctantly leaves Kol to follow Ariane to the attic. Kol takes a deep breath and turns around so he's facing the doors as he prepares for a fight]

KOL: All right. Let's see what you've got.

[Upstairs, Ariane and Davina have just made it to the attic when Davina finds that Josh has bled out on the floor and let go of her hand. She looks at Ariane in horror]

DAVINA: It's too late. My link to Josh is broken!
ARIANE: [soothingly] I know you're scared, but you have to concentrate. Focus on what you love most. Recall the thing that makes you want to live. Fight with that in mind.

[Davina looks terrified, but she closes her eyes and concentrates before whispering softly]

DAVINA: Kol, I swear I'll come back for you.

[The locked door to the attic continues to rattle, indicating that the Ancestors have already overpowered Kol]


[Klaus is frantically searching through the shelves and boxes in his study downstairs while Elijah and Hayley watch, and it's clear that he is seriously worried]

KLAUS: All my efforts to protect and provide comfort for my family...
ELIJAH: [worriedly] Klaus, you're not making any sense.
KLAUS: [frustrated] The pale horse! It isn't a constellation, nor is it a Biblical verse. It's a... a trinket I made when we were children. A toy carved from kindling which I gave to Rebekah in the hopes of easing her fears.

[Elijah frowns in confusion]

ELIJAH: I collected the firewood myself. It was fallen branches from everywhere, and...

[Elijah's eyes widen in alarm when he realizes what Klaus has just figured out]

ELIJAH: The horse was made of the white oak...

[Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley all look horrified]

ELIJAH: That weapon is here.


[Davina awakens with a gasp on the chaise lounge in the attic of the church and immediately jerks upright to find Ariane sitting casually in the chair next to her. Josh is still passed out on the floor with his hand clutching his bleeding neck, and Davina looks concerned as she kneels down to check on him]

DAVINA: Josh...?

[Ariane stands to her feet and walks toward the door]

ARIANE: He will wake. It's both the blessing and the curse of his kind.

[Davina looks slightly relieved by this news, but she's still confused about Ariane's presence]

DAVINA: Why did you help me?

[Ariane turns to face Davina]

ARIANE: Because Aya wanted you saved.

[Ariane is about to leave when Davina stops her and stands to her feet as well]

DAVINA: Wait... Aya said that the witches of your coven were granted the power to have your greatest heart's desire. Did you make that deal?
ARIANE: [nods] Yes. And, I will answer your real question as well-- It was worth it.

[Ariane gives Davina one last look before she leaves the church, and Davina looks conflicted about the decision she has to make]


[Both Klaus and Hayley are searching through the KENNER APARTMENT for the wooden knight, but despite it being on the table when Hayley left earlier. After a moment, Hayley sighs in frustration]

HAYLEY: This doesn't make any sense. It was here. I saw it!

[Klaus suddenly gets an idea]

KLAUS: When?
HAYLEY: This afternoon. I swear.

[Klaus sighs deeply when he realizes what has just happened]

KLAUS: Oh, I believe you. We're just here a little too late.


[In the flashback, Klaus is in his study in the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where he's talking to the still-human Cami during one of their therapy sessions]

KLAUS: And Rebekah was so afraid of the coming storm, I told her the brave knight would protect her...

[Cami takes diligent notes about everything Klaus is saying as part of her duties as a therapist]



[Cami is sitting in the wine cellar of the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, eavesdropping on Elijah and Klaus' conversation upstairs with her vampire hearing while Hayley tries to talk to her]

HAYLEY: [to Cami] Look, Cami, I know it may not feel like it right now, but what you're going through...

[Cami ignores Hayley in favor of listening to Elijah and Klaus' conversation instead]

ELIJAH: [to Klaus] I thought the pale horse might be something Biblical, or even tied to one of the equestrian constellations. Perhaps even Equuleus.
KLAUS: [to Elijah] Neither of those sounds like a weapon...

[Cami smiles when she realizes what Elijah is talking about, and heads for the Kenner apartment after she leaves during her conversation with Hayley]



[Though Klaus is smiling weakly, it's clear he is very unhappy about what he's just discovered]

KLAUS: There s only one other person capable of deciphering the witch's riddle, the very person with whom I shared my memories of that night... My trusted therapist.

[On the streets of the FRENCH QUARTER, Cami is walking down the sidewalk with her purse hanging from the crook of her elbow. In her free hand is the little wooden knight made of white oak, which she clutches tightly as she smirks in satisfaction]


[Davina and the now-recovered Josh are sitting at a booth, where both of them are drinking beer in brown bottles. Josh seems surprised and a little impressed]

JOSH: You, uh... you drink now?

[Davina smiles and takes a sip of her beer]

DAVINA: Um, I guess getting shunned is a slippery slope.

[Josh nods good-naturedly, but it's obvious that he's still a little upset about the stunt she pulled earlier, and Davina gives him an apologetic look]

DAVINA: Josh, I know I didn't give you much of a choice today...
JOSH: [interjects] Any choice. Just to be clear.
DAVINA: [laughs] But thank you. You've always been there for me, and sometimes, I forget just how much that means.
JOSH: Yep.

[Josh smiles sadly and looks down at the lapis lazuli daylight ring that Davina made him, which he wears on the middle finger of his left hand]

JOSH: [quietly] You know, when Aiden died, there were days when I would sit in Jackson Square, just daring myself to take this ring off. To give up. And I think part of me knew that I was never gonna be that happy again.

[Davina looks saddened and concerned by Josh's confession, and he sighs before he continues]

JOSH: If there was any way to bring Aiden back? I would. No matter what.

[Josh sighs sadly once again]

JOSH: If there's even a chance for you to be with the guy you want to be with... You've gotta do it.

[Davina looks surprised but appreciative of his support and thinks about her options]


[Cami is on one of the streets in the Quarter when she gets a phone call from Klaus, who is elsewhere in the neighborhood. When she sees who it is, she answers it]

CAMI: I'm guessing you might be a little bit mad right now... But trust me, you have nothing to worry about. I just want back what's mine, starting with my dark objects, and I figured I needed to get your attention. So, do I have it?

[Klaus sighs and closes his eyes for a moment before responding]

KLAUS: In point of fact, you do.
CAMI: [smiles] Good. Then we'll be in touch.

[Cami hangs up her phone, which annoys Klaus, before walking over to a a fancy convertible and gets in the driver seat, setting her bag down in the passenger seat. In it is the wooden knight she stole from Hayley and Klaus. She starts the engine and puts the car into gear before she drives away]


[Ariane is kneeling at the head of the pool full of herbs and flowers when she senses someone behind her]

ARIANE: You found it.

[Elijah appears in the doorway behind her and walks toward her without a word, but it seems she already knows what is about to happen]

ARIANE: Which means you've come to kill me. We both know I have no more answers to give you, and you cannot allow me to live with what I've seen...

[Ariane's voice is almost tearful when she continues]

ARIANE: The things you keep hidden.

[Elijah's expression is one of remorse as he gently brushes her hair off of her neck, and though Ariane looks scared, she also looks relieved]

ARIANE: I am released.

[Elijah bares her neck before exposing his vampire face and fangs and biting into her neck. She shrieks in pain just once before she gasps deeply, slowly becoming weaker as Elijah feeds on her blood. Once she's dead, Elijah pulls away, blood still coating his lips, and he holds her up by the back of the hair before letting her fall into the pool. What blood remains in her body flows into the water and turns it dark crimson]


[Marcel is at his bar, where he pours two glasses of bourbon]

MARCEL: I haven't seen you around in a bit.

[Marcel turns and walks over to the window, where Josh is standing and looking out at the New Orleans skyline. He hands Josh his drink, and Josh gives him a look]

JOSH: Ah. Seems like we've both been busy.
MARCEL: So, what've you been up to?
JOSH: Been doing a lot of thinking about what's important. Friends. Friends are important... which is why I want to talk to you about the Strix... And what we're going to do about the fact that Davina just became one of their witches.

[Marcel gives Josh a shocked look and takes a deep breath before they both silently finish off their drinks]


[Hayley is alone in the apartment now, and it's obvious that she's completely overwhelmed with her feelings about Jackson's death. She once again finds Jackson's flannel shirt and picks it up, breathing in his scent before she finally breaks down, sliding her back down until she's sitting in the corner of the kitchen as she starts to sob loudly. This continues on for several long moments before the camera pans over to Elijah, who is standing at the bottom of the staircase, looking devastated and not knowing how to best comfort her. Hayley eventually notices his presence, which ultimately causes her to somewhat calm down]

ELIJAH: I don't know what to say...

[Hayley takes a deep, calming breath before she tearfully responds]

HAYLEY: Elijah... I've spent the last 24 hours being so angry at Tristan, at your family, at you... At Jackson, even, for always being so brave.

[As she talks, Elijah's eyes fill with tears as well, and he looks upset at the thought of causing her pain]

HAYLEY: But then, I realized that I'm not angry. I'm not mad... I'm just guilty.

[Hayley starts to cry silently again, and Elijah walks up the steps toward her, eventually sitting down next to her on the floor, though neither of them make eye contact at first]

HAYLEY: [sniffles] I wanted to blame you, blame anyone... But the truth is that my husband died because he loved me.

[Hayley finally looks over at Elijah and stares him in the eyes]

HAYLEY: And loving any of us is a death sentence... Isn't it?

[Elijah gives her an empathetic look, but since he has no answer that will comfort her, he remains silent, and the two continue to just stare at each other without speaking]


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