Winter Wonderland was a charity event during December 2010 featured in O Come, All Ye Faithful. Klaus' donation was a snowflake painting.


The event is first shown in the Town Square, during the conversation with Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes on the plan against Niklaus. After Caroline fails to convince Tyler about of error of his plan, she calls Stefan and reveals the plan of the hybrids. Caroline meets Niklaus in the Grill. They have a small but motivated conversation. Caroline tries to distract Niklaus, and Stefan finds the sword of Alexander and prevent hybrids act against Niklaus.


  • This Winter Wonderland-themed party seems to resemble the Winter Party from novels, which took part in The Fury:
  • Carol Lockwood was the final person left at the end of the party, and she was killed by Klaus in the fountain with a Christmas tree in the middle of it.


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