IN MYSTIC FALLS: Four Months Ago

(Bright white screen, slowly fading onto Damon's face, he's opening his eyes. They are in the same place they were when they died. He looks over at Bonnie, their hands are still interlaced and they both let go.)

Act 1


Four Months Ago

(Bright white screen, slowly fading onto Damon's face, he's opening his eyes. They are in the same place they were when they died. He looks over at Bonnie, their hands are still interlaced and they both let go.)

Damon: Huh. That got awkward fast.

(They are both still looking around confusedly.)

Bonnie: What happened? Where are we?

(She begins to walk away, out of the woods.)

Damon: Where are you going? Hey.

(He follows her and now they are in the middle of the street, still in Mystic Falls, Damon reaches up to touch his teeth.)

Damon: Well, I feel a fang. I'm still a vampire. Either I'm a dead vampire or Mystic Falls is no longer magic free.

Bonnie: Look.

(Damon follows her gaze and sees that she is looking at the Mystic Grill, he's confused.)

Damon: I definitely blew that up about an hour ago.

Bonnie: Why don't we see any people? If we're still on the Other Side we should at least be able to see the living.

(They're still puzzled and looking around.)

Damon: Where the hell are we? And I don't mean geographically.

Bonnie: I have no idea.

Act 2



Matt: Jer! Come on, we're going to be--

(He's walking into the living room where Jeremy sleeps, and sees Sarah in her bra and pants.)

Sarah: Sorry I--I needed a place to crash. Jer said it was cool.

(Sarah pulls on her shirt, Matt stares at the bourbon in the living room.)

Matt: This isn't Jer's house.

(Jeremy sits up on the couch bare-chested.)

Jeremy: Well it's not yours either.

Sarah: Look it's no big deal, I can just take off.

Matt: Yeah, why don't you do that.

(Sarah walks out after everyone exchanges looks.)

Sarah: Bye.

(Once she leaves, Matt looks over at Jeremy.)

Matt: Why would you bring her here? You shouldn't be anywhere near her, dumbass. Not after what happened yesterday.

Jeremy: Caroline compelled her to forget Elena attacked her. It's not a big deal.

Matt: Not a big deal? Right, I forgot. You don't care about anything.

(Matt walks out.)


(Toast pops up and Ivy quickly drops them into a plate, she's in the kitchen alone, cooking breakfast. She scampers over to the fridge, she pulls out orange juice.)

Stefan: Hey.

(Ivy turns, surprised.)

Ivy: Hey.

(Stefan is confused.)

Stefan: Uh, what are you doing?

Ivy: Um, I'm--I mean I thought it would be nice to d--completely overstay my welcome.

(Ivy sets the orange juice down. A disappointed look on her face. Stefan fully enters the kitchen and turns off the stove.)

Ivy: I'm sorry, I thought I--never mind what I thought.

Stefan: No, no. I just--I wasn't really expecting you to...still be here. That's all.

Ivy: Right. Because why should you expect someone you spent the night with to make assumptions about breakfast. I'm gonna go.

(Ivy begins to walk out of the kitchen.)

Stefan: No, no, Ivy. I was just--

Ivy: No, Stefan I get it. I am super into you, you're intermittently into me. Breakfast, bad.

(Ivy grabs her purse.)

Stefan: Ivy, look why don't we...have dinner tonight. Although I should probably do the cooking.

(They both smile at each other.)


(There are framed pictures on her dresser, one of Caroline and Elena sticking there tongues out, one of Elena kissing Damon's cheek. A picture of Tyler and Elena. Elena, who was looking at the photographs, sets a cardboard box on her bed. She grabs a blue button-up shirt from the bed, folds it and places it in the box. She grabs another framed photo of Damon and Elena posing beside each other and puts that in the box too. She heads to the dresser, grabs the photo of her kissing Damon, and then she grabs photobooth pics of Damon and Elena making faces. She slides her drawer open, with both things in her hand and grabs Damon's black shirt. Elena holds the things tightly to her chest while she remembers Damon and Elena kissing. She puts the two photos in the box, places the photobooth pics in her diary as a bookmark and places it in another box.)

Elena (Voiceover): It's been four months, it's time for me to let go.

(Switches to Jeremy's face, he's sitting on the bench with Matt in a park. Elena was talking to him.)

Jeremy: You gonna erase Bonnie from your head too?

Elena: Missing Bonnie, makes me sad, Jer. Missing Damon makes me dangerous. Alaric will compel away any memories and then make me forget that I had him do it. I need you to keep the truth from me too. Tyler and Stefan are on board.

Matt: What about Caroline?

Elena: Somehow I doubt she'll take much convincing.


(Caroline is sitting across from Alaric in a booth.)

Caroline: You said that Stefan was looking for a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back.

Alaric: I thought he was. I've been feeding him leads for months. He let me believe he was following them.

Caroline: Well, I've been a little focused on magic bubble duty. And as you can see by the lack of magic in Mystic Falls, it's a spectacular fail of a mission. And now you're telling me that this whole time no one has been doing anything to help Bonnie and Damon?

Alaric: I wouldn't exactly say no one.


(Enzo is kissing a witches neck.)

Enzo: Oh, just lay it down.

Witch: I don't know anything.

Enzo: You witches are also monstrously secretive. Lucky for me I'm quite gifted at unraveling the truth.

(He gets on his knees and begins to kiss her bra.)

Witch: Okay, there's a coven in Oregon. They'd found a way to communicate with their ancestors before it went away. Maybe they know what happened to your friends. They call themselves the Gemini Coven. They're small and weird and they don't like outsiders.

Enzo: See? You did know something.

Witch: I just wanted you to work for it.

(Caroline appears behind them.)

Caroline: Ahem.

Enzo: Ha ha, well, well well. Well, there's a blast from the past. Hello gorgeous.


(Alaric is closing the shades, Elena in sitting in a chair across from an empty one.)

Elena: Talk me through it again?

Alaric: I raided the psychology department's research library, and a nutshell would be using a combination of hypnotherapy and memory reprocessing techniques.

(Elena nods, Alaric has already sat down in front of her. He places a hand on her knee and looks into her eyes, compelling her.)

Alaric: The more we talk, the more you'll relax and open your mind to me.

(Alaric stops compelling her and settles back.)

Alaric: We're going to be searching through memories that are deeply embedded, and each significant memory that we hit which is connected to Damon I will help you modify. And this should eventually lead us to the signature memory which once erased will create a positive domino effect through all your other memories.

Elena: Can't you just compel me to forget everything at once? Or we can go get a beer?

(They laugh softly.)

Alaric: I am supernaturally rewiring three years of your memories. If it were that easy, I wouldn't be so terrifying.

(Elena nods, she looks sad.)

(Alaric places his hand on her knee, compelling her again.)

Alaric: I have some questions. Answer them honestly.

Elena: I will answer everything honestly.

Alaric: Do you have doubts about this?

Elena: Yes. But I know I have to do this.

Alaric: Are you afraid?

Elena: More sad than afraid.

Alaric: Why sad?

Elena: Because I don't want to stop loving him.

Alaric: Do you trust me, to be digging around in your mind?

Elena: I trust you completely.

Alaric: Okay. Well then let's--let's get started...Who is Damon Salvatore?

Elena: He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died.

Alaric: And when did you first meet him?

Elena: I was in high school.

(Flashback to when they first met:

Damon: Katherine.

Elena: No, I'm Elena.

Damon: I'm Damon.)

Alaric: And what was he like?

Elena: There was something different about him, dangerous. But not in a way that scared me. He was exciting.

(Flashback to when they first met:

Elena, in the road: I don't know what I want.

Damon: Well, that's not true. You want what everybody wants.

Elena: What?)

Alaric: And how did he make you feel?

Elena: Like anything was possible.

(Alaric looks her in the eyes, compelling her again.)

Alaric: You had a nice moment in the road with a stranger. But that's all he was, a stranger.

Elena: Stranger, two people passing in the night.

(A tear is on her face.)

Alaric: Are you okay?

Elena: Hmm, yeah let's just keep going.


(It's morning time, the streets are deserted and Bonnie and Damon are walking in the middle of the street. Damon has his leather jacket slung over his shoulder, Bonnie's gray jacket is tied around her waist.)

Damon groans: How many more streets are we going to wander?

Bonnie looks annoyed: How many times are you going to ask me questions I don't have the answers to? Huh?

(Damon looks back at her and they continue in silence.)

Bonnie: There's something weird about these cars.

(They stop at a parked one, it's white.)

Damon: Yeah, they're all 20 years old or more and yet they look brand new.

(He runs his hand over the hood, he looks up at a house, a look washing over his face

It's Elena's house, there are toys on the lawn.)

Damon: And that is Elena's not-so-burnt-to-a-crisp house.

(They walk in front of it, Damon sees a newspaper on the grass and picks it up, unfolds it and reads it.)

Bonnie looks at him confusedly: Hmm?

(Damon turns to her and holds out the paper so she can read.)

Damon: Look.

(Bonnie cranes her neck and reads.)

Bonnie: Rare solar eclipse expected to be seen across 12 states?

Damon rolls his eyes: The date.

Bonnie: May 10th, 1994. Is that--? Are we--? But that's impossible.

(Suddenly the sky turns darker blue, they look up and see the eclipse blotting out the sun.)

Damon: I don't think we should be asking where we are, I think we should be asking when we are.

Act 3


(Alaric and Elena are still sitting across from each other in chairs, Elena's eyes are shut.)

Alaric: Tell me about this moment.

(Flashback to 3x10 when Damon kissed Elena on her porch:

Damon: No, you know what? If I'm going to feel guilty about something, I'm going to feel guilty about this.

He kisses her.

Elena (Voiceover): He kissed me. I mean, I shouldn't have let him. I knew that he was in love with me, and even though Stefan and I were on the outs, I shouldn't have let him.

(Alaric leans forward, looking into her eyes, compelling her.)

Alaric: He kissed you, you thought it was inappropriate. You told him so.

Elena: I told him it was wrong.

Alaric: Who is Damon Salvatore?

Elena: He was my boyfriend.

(Alaric looks down in disappointment.)

Elena: I loved him, and...he--he died.

Alaric: You know, why don't we--why don't we take a little break, okay? To be honest, I could use a drink.


(Damon is swinging on the porch swing in Elena's back porch, Bonnie is sitting on the steps, toys around the porch.)

Damon: Where is any booze in this empty retroville?

Bonnie: It feels so weird to be back here, I practically grew up on this porch.

(Damon stops the swing.) Damon: Alright, talk me through it.

(Bonnie turns to him.) Bonnie: Before the Other Side collapsed, my Grams said that she made a sacrifice so that I could find peace.

Damon: The part where you actually have a theory.

(Bonnie rolls her eyes.) Bonnie: Well, this clearly isn't peace, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck here with you.

(Damon makes a face.) Damon: Rude.

Bonnie: She must have--I don't know, sent me somewhere. And when I held your took you with me.

Damon: Well, did she happen to whisper a safe word in her last breaths. A clue, maybe? Witchy path out of here?

Bonnie: No, but if we got here by magic, magic should be able to get us out.

(Damon raises his eyebrows.) Damon: And that frown that's not upside down is telling me what?

(Bonnie looks toward a glass cup.) Bonnie: Phesmatos incendia

(They both look intently at the glass, but nothing happens, Bonnie looks down in disappointment.)

Damon: Still can't do magic.

(Damon sits back on the swing, his shoulders sagging.)

Damon: Perfect.


(Elena is sitting at the edge of a bench with her phone to her ear.)

Elena: You're the last person I think would object to me erasing positive memories of Damon from my head.

(Caroline is in her car, her phone to her ear also.)

Caroline: Yeah, but we are literally chasing a lead. W-what if we find something out? Yeah, you know what if Damon returns home and everything returns back to normal? And you're just sitting there all confused and weird?

(Elena stands up.) Elena: Then Alaric will bring back my memories.

Caroline: But--

Elena: But what? Go ahead, Caroline say what you need to say. I don't want to...pressure you into agreeing.

Caroline: I--don't know what to say, I was actually trying to think of what Bonnie would say.

(Elena sighs and walks to a tree, she begins to kick it softly with her shoe.) Elena: And?

Caroline: And...she'd say that you should do what's best for you.

Elena: Look, I think it's great that you still have hope, I really do but--for my own survival I need to let him go.

Caroline: Well, then go on with your what-would-bonnie-bennett-do plan.

(Caroline laughs.)

Caroline: I'll make bumper stickers.

(Elena giggles.)

Elena: I love you.

Caroline: I love you too.

(The camera slowly moves out so that you see that Enzo is sitting beside her in the car.)

Enzo: Girl bonding, very sweet. I heard you dropped out of school.

Caroline: And I heard you were a lurker who was spying on my life. When do we exit?

Enzo: Soon, uh. You should reconsider. Looks can only get a girl so far these days.

Caroline: Yeah, well I'm not taking feminist tips from a guy who just used his tongue to get secrets out of a coat check girl.

Enzo: Garment detendant.

Caroline: You just made that up. So, did you also make up the 'Gemini Coven' lead too? Because I've never heard of them. Who are they?

Enzo: No idea, that's not where we're headed.

Caroline: What?! Wu-Wait, where are we going?

Enzo: You'll see.


(Stefan's hands are hastily chopping cucumbers, and mushrooms. He puts them in a steaming pan. He drops cheese in it and begins to pour wine in the pan. Dusting his hands, Stefan goes to the fridge, opens it and takes out a bloodbag. He squeezes it into his mouth and sighs of pleasure. He hears the door making noises so he hurries and tosses it back in the fridge, turning to see Ivy.)

Stefan: Hey.

Ivy: Hey.

Stefan: Perfect timing, I was just uh--

Ivy: I ran into some of your friends.

(Stefan looks confused.) Stefan: What? Where?

(Enzo and Caroline steps into the house since the door was still open, he scrubs his hands together.)

Enzo: Stefan! You are a hard man to track down. Uh, I wasn't sure if you're new..friend would invite us in but she said that this was your place. Which invitation to all your mates, right? (Enzo rubs his hands together again.) Got any bourbon? (He walks out of the camera, leaving it on Caroline. She looks a bit angry with her arms folded, she exchanges a look with Stefan, who looks a bit guilty.)


(Ivy, Stefan, Caroline and Enzo are seated at the table, Enzo is staring Stefan down.)

Enzo: Good stuff, mate.

(Stefan nods, pleased.)

Ivy: So, how do you guys know Stefan?

Caroline: He and I went to high school together. He used to date my best friend. (She cuts a glance at Stefan.)

(Caroline, Ivy and Stefan exchange awkward glances.)

Caroline: Not that he's not allowed to date, I mean they broke up. I just didn't realize that he had met someone. So how did you meet exactly?

Stefan: Uh, Ivy's car was in the shop, where I work.

Caroline: You work at an Auto-Repair shop?

Stefan smacks his lips: It's relaxing.

Ivy looks confused: Why? What did you used to do?

Enzo: Ah, man of all seasons, jack of all trades. (He looks toward Ivy.) You have a lovely clavicle.

Ivy: Oh, Thank you. I think.

Enzo: Forgive me, I--always notice a woman's neck. I'm a neck person! So is Stefan, right Stefan?

Stefan: Not anymore.

Enzo: Ah, well that's silly. You can't just stop being a neck person.

(Ivy leans over to whisper at Caroline: Is Enzo your boyfriend?

Caroline: Ugh, oh god no. Would you date that?

Enzo: Uh, hello. I'm right here, I have super-sensitive hearing. Practically supernatural. Do you believe in the supernatural, Ivy?

Ivy: I've...never really thought about it.

Enzo: I myself, am I believer. Had to get a witch to do a locator's spell to find my buddy here.

(Everyone exchanges looks, and then they begin to laugh.)


(A song is playing on the radio, Damon is flipping pancakes while dancing and mouthing the song. He has a bottle of bourbon in his hand and he is chugging it as he cooks. Bonnie is stepping into the house, a teddybear in her hand, along with a book. She hears the music, smells the food and smiles a bit. Damon is taking a large gulp of bourbon as she enters the kitchen and clears her throat. Damon stops dancing, clearing his throat in the process.)

Bonnie: I didn't know you cooked.

Damon: I don't. How'd you sleep? Me... not good. My 1994 mattress was very lumpy. Whatcha got there?

(Bonnie looks down at her belongings in her hand.)

(She waggles her bear.) Bonnie: Oh, Ms. Cuddles, I lost her when I was nine. But I went into my house last night she was. (She lifts up the book she had been carrying.) I also found this at my Grams's house. Her old grimoire.

(Damon walks over to the radio, with bourbon in his hand.) Damon: Yeah, well I found this. Drank it last year when Ric died. (He removes the CD that was playing.)

Bonnie: So we're in this snapshot of another time, or...something.

(Damon twists the CD rack with his hand covering his eyes. He picks one.)

Bonnie: Everything that existed in 1994, still exists.

Damon: For better, or for worse?

(He kisses the CD in his hand before putting it into the radio. He turns the radio on and the music begins to play, but Bonnie hurries to click it off.)

Bonnie: Listen, there was a time when I couldn't practice magic. This grimoire taught me alot, maybe...I can reteach myself.

(Damon turns the radio back on.): If you were still a witch. Which with our luck, and your skill--probably ain't the case.

Bonnie: Would a little support kill you?

Damon: You know, I am acutely aware that we are in some otherworldly time dimension. However, do you ever think for one second that maybe it's you being negative reacting to my natural self negative-ly?

(Bonnie looks speechless, yet appalled): You're ridiculous.

Damon: Nope, I'm consistent. (Damon puts two pancakes onto a plate and sets it in front of Bonnie.) Eat your pancakes. Oh, and--(He grabs the newspaper from the counter and drops it in front of her.)--you can do a crossword puzzle.

Bonnie: Oh, gee, thanks--(She picks it up.)--breakfast with my least favorite person, and a crossword puzzle, from 1994. (She turns her back to him, opening the paper.) Alright, what's a seven letter word for--

(Suddenly, the sky darkens like before. They look up in surprise. Damon is looking in the window and sees the eclipse.

Damon: You've got to be kidding me. Bonnie, look at the date on that paper.

(Bonnie looks down and reads.): It says, May 10th, 1994. It's the same day as yesterday.

(They exchange looks.)

Bonnie: We're living the same day all over again.

Damon: Well that proves it, we're in hell. Our own personal, custom-built hell. And you're in it with me. (Damon raises his bourbon.) Bottoms up. (He drinks.)


Matt: A little early for that, don't ya think?

(Jeremy is sitting on the couch, bourbon in his hand while Matt is wearing sweat clothes, earphones out of his his ears.)

Jeremy: It's dark out.

Matt: I meant in life.

(Jeremy stands up.)

Matt: Where's Sarah?

(Jeremy, his face turned from Matt, answers): Don't know, I'm not her keeper.

(Matt plugs his earphones in his ear while turning and walking out.): I'm going for a jog.

(Matt's gone, and Sarah steps out into appearance.)

Sarah: You guys don't like each other very much, do you?

Jeremy: He's trying to give me purpose.

Sarah: Why didn't you tell him I was still here?

Jeremy: Didn't feel like it.


(Matt is jogging in the night, when a car stops beside him. It's Tripp, head of the Mystic Falls Militia community.)

Tripp: Hey, five miles with the group this morning wasn't enough for you?

Matt: Tripp, hey. I'm just blowing off some steam, what's up?

Tripp: That girl, from yesterday, the one with the animal bites. You know where she ended up?

Matt: Yeah, at my house. I'm not sure how that happened.

Tripp: She there now?

Matt: No, she split, why?

Tripp: I have some deputy buddies over at the station, one of them said that the sheriff ran the plates and the car came up stolen.

Matt: You're kidding.

Tripp: No, you know I can be paranoid but if there was a bad element coming through town. I want to keep tabs on it.

Matt: Yeah.

Tripp: So, let me know if she shows back up at your place?

Matt: Yeah, I will.

(Tripp drives off.)


(Elena is standing by the window, staring out.)

Elena: It was the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Stefan was supposed to be my escort but...

(Flashback, 1x19, the pageant. Elena in her blue dress, walking down the steps.

Elena (voiceover) : He bailed on me.

Damon is waiting at the end of the stairs for her.

Elena (Voiceover): Damon stepped in. )

(She's smiling as she stares out the window.): He saved me from being embarrassed, in front of everyone.

(Flashback, Damon is holding Elena's hand as he is walking her toward the other contestants.

Elena (Voiceover): He took my arm, and led me out with the rest of the girls and all their dates and we danced. I remember that was the first time, I felt it.

Alaric, behind her, walks up: Felt what?

Elena turns to him: How sexy he was. I'd never let myself notice until then, I mean obviously I knew he was attractive but...I didn't want to see him that way.

(Alaric walks toward her, looking in her eyes, compelling her.): You went down the stairs and no one was there.

Elena: I was embarrassed but I got over it.

Alaric: Who is Damon Salvatore?

Elena: He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died. (She puts her hands on her head in frustration.) Ric, I hate this. I mean, wha--? How much longer is it going to take?

Alaric: Until we find that signature moment. The moment you knew you loved him.

Elena: Well, that's easy. It was after I found out about the sire bond. Everyone kept telling me that my feelings weren't real but I knew that they were.

(He stares into her eyes, compelling her.): Okay, your feelings were because of the sire bond, who is Damon Salvatore?

Elena: He was my boyfriend--

Alaric: That's not it. You gotta dig deeper, earlier.

Elena: I-I- I don't know, okay I--maybe it was when we spent the night at the motel together, I wasn't back together with Stefan yet and--

(Flashback to 3x19, Elena and Damon are lying in bed beside each other, Damon touching Elena's hand.)

Elena: And all I could think about was kissing him.

(Elena kisses Damon in flashback.)

Elena: I wanted to kiss him so badly.

(Alaric looks in her eyes, compelling her.): No one kissed anyone, who is Damon Salvatore?

Elena: He was my boyfriend--

Alaric: That's not it, next.

Elena: I don't know, Ric!

Alaric: Well think about it, Elena! Think about that moment where you knew this person was somebody you had feelings for. That you loved, that you could see those feelings going on forever. Trust me, you never forget.

Elena: Maybe we should just forget about this entire thing, it was a stupid idea, okay I-I can't do this anymore, alright? I'm done. I'm sorry.

(Elena walks out of the room.)

Act 4


(The eclipse is still in the sky, but it moves out of the way to reveal a bright sun. Inside, Damon is behind the counter, flipping pancakes. Bonnie seated at the table with the newspaper.)

Bonnie: What's a seven letter word for kill me now?

Damon: That joke got old six weeks ago.

Bonnie: And so did this crossword puzzle. Everyday for two months I've done this stupid thing and I still can't figure out 27 across. Old tongue twister, Eddie turned top 40?

(Damon puts two pancakes on a plate and circles it with whipped cream. He places it in front of Bonnie, who grabs her pencil and stabs angrily at her breakfast.)

Bonnie: I hate pancakes!

Damon; Whoa, don't take it out on the pancakes. Those pancakes, like myself, are waiting for you to be witchy to get us the hell out of here.

Bonnie stands abruptly: You know I've been trying!

Damon: And failing. Further evidence, we're in hell. Not only am I stuck with you, I'm stuck with the useless version of you.

(Bonnie is appalled slack-jawed and she opens her mouth to say something but closes it again.): Did you hear that?

Damon, frustrated, says: What would I have heard, Bonnie? We're the only two people here, we were the only two people here two months ago and the only two people here now!

Bonnie: Well I swear I heard something!

Damon: Maybe it's the sound of existential despair. I hear that's what hell sounds like.

Bonnie: You know what? You think we're trapped in your hell? I have to spend everyday on repeat with the person I like least on this earth--! Maybe we're trapped in mine.

(Bonnie snatches her teddybear and leaves angrily.)


Enzo: So, Stefan, tell us, this house, very charming. When'd you get it?

(Stefan is pouring wine into a glass cup.): About a month or so ago.

Ivy: No, more than that, remember? We met two months ago and you already had it.

Caroline: You've--lived here for more than TWO months?

Stefan: Yeah, I guess I have.

Caroline: Well, I guess that's just weird because, you know; everyone thought you were living somewhere else.

(Stefan sits.)

Caroline: And you're job was supposed to be investigative work not Auto-Repair.

Stefan: Right. Well, I've moved on from that job.

Caroline: Well, you can't move on from investigative work until you've solved the investigation, Stefan.

Stefan: How 'bout we just drop it? I'm happy doing what I'm doing now, and that's all that should really matter, right?

(Caroline leans forward to protest but Enzo stops her.)

Enzo: There, darling. No need to make a scene. Really it's all just some big misunderstanding, perhaps this will clear it all up.

(Enzo grabs his fork and stabs Stefan's hand to the table, Ivy screams, and Caroline spits out her wine.)


Caroline: ENZO!

Stefan, wincing from pain: What the hell is wrong with you?

Enzo: So many secrets, what are you running from, Stefan?

(Enzo removes the fork and the wound heals.)

Ivy: Um, I-I don't--

(Caroline gets up, grabs Ivy by her chin and looks in her eyes, compelling her.)

Caroline: Calm down, come with me. Let's go upstairs. (She turns to Enzo angrily.) No need to make a scene?!

(Caroline and Ivy leave, Stefan and Enzo stare at each other with hatred.)

Enzo: What kind of coward gives up on his own brother?

Stefan: You don't know what you're talking about.

(Stefan gets up and superspeeds toward Enzo, who holds him back with his arm, Enzo speeds him at the fridge and grabs another fork, stabbing Stefan in his neck.)

Enzo: Why don't you enlighten me?

(Stefan pushes Enzo back, he crashes into the dinner table and breaks it. Stefan removes the fork from his neck, Enzo gets up and speeds, pinning Stefan to the wall, but Stefan bangs his head against Enzo, who stumbles back leaving Stefan to punch him. When Enzo stumbles, holding on to the kitchen counter for support, Stefan snaps his neck.)


(Caroline is sitting on her steps with her cell phone in her hand, she gets up.)

Caroline: Hey, this is really not a good time.

Alaric: I'm sorry, I-I've just really hit a wall with Elena. I just need some insight.

Caroline: Okay, what's the wall?

Alaric: I'm trying to get her to figure out when she first fell in love with Damon but she--can't seem to get there.

Caroline (voiceover, Alaric is sitting on Elena's dorm bed.): Yeah, because she doesn't want to admit what everyone already knows.

(It switches back to Caroline:)

Caroline: That she fell in love with Damon while she was still with Stefan. (The stairs creak behind her and she turns, it's Stefan. He looks at his feet.)


(Stefan is back in the kitchen/diningroom, he's picking up a chair. The room is completely trashed and Enzo is still temporarily-dead, slumped by the counter, Caroline is standing my the door.)

Stefan: You should probably get him out of here. He'll be up soon and I really don't feel like another go-around.

Caroline, surrenders from silence: I'm sorry that you heard what I said.

Stefan: It's fine, Caroline. I really don't care.

Caroline: Why? Why don't you care? You're the one who always cared, it's what I liked about you. You know amidst all the crazy in our perfectly-messed-up lives, you cared more than anyone. So how could you just--stop?

Stefan: Cause I had to. I had to 'move on'. You know, the months before I moved here I was following every lead that Alaric sent my way. I spoke to every witch, every shaman, every psychic in 20 countries around the globe, and every lead was a dead end.

Caroline: But Enzo has another lead, there's this coven in Oregon--

Stefan: The Gemini Coven, yeah I looked into them too, Caroline there was nothing there. Because there's nothing we can do, Damon and Bonnie are DEAD. I had to come to terms with that. And once I did, I had to start over, I couldn't just live my life with my old friends, I couldn't just go near Mystic Falls or Elena or--

Caroline: Or me? (They look at each other, Stefan looks away guiltily.) Cause I thought we were closer than that, I mean--you could hear in all those messages that I left you, you couldn't hear that I was completely falling apart without you? (She stares at him for his response but Stefan is still looking down, guiltily, her face straightens in realization, she looks away from his face.) Cause you never listened to them.

Stefan: I had to move on I didn't have a choice. (Caroline looks extremely sad, and appalled, her eyes are filling with tears.) I had to erase everything.

(Caroline sighs, looking more angry than sad now.): Well, let me summarize them for you. You're a dick, if you want him out of your house, you'll throw him out yourself.

(She storms out.)


(Elena is ripping open the box of Damon's thing, it's on her bed and her cellphone is sitting on her bed too.)

The not available, please leave a message.

Elena: Luke, where are you? I need more of that stuff like--now, I'm starting to go--(She pauses when Alaric is standing by the door, but then she continues to take the stuff from the box.): I don't want to hear it, Ric, okay? We tried, it didn't work. It's over.

Alaric: It didn't work because you weren't being honest.

Elena: I wasn't--are you crazy?

(Alaric shuts the door.)

Elena: I was being completely honest. Do you think I want to talk to you about my romantic life?

Alaric: You weren't being honest with yourself.

(Elena looks down at the box.)

Alaric: Look, I want to hear all the Damon stuff--while you were still with Stefan.

(Elena looks up at him, incredulously.): No, I was completely faithful to Stefan.

Alaric: Of course you were--

Elena: I did everything--

Alaric: I know--

Elena: I stuck with him, even when he lost his humanity--

Alaric: I know you di--

Elena: After he left a trail of bodies from Florida to Virginia, I fought for him.

Alaric: I know you did, Elena, you don't want to admit it because you feel like you're betraying Stefan but this won't work until you do.

Elena: No, I loved Stefan. The entire time, I never would have hurt him.

(She's staring at the framed photos of her and Damon, her back turned to Alaric.)

Alaric: Elena, you've been lucky enough to love two people this deeply, in your young life. There's nothing wrong with that. It's okay.

(Elena smirks without amusement.)

Elena, repeating Katherine from 2x22: It's okay to love them both. (She turns to stare at Alaric.): That's what Katherine used to say. (There are tears in her eyes, as she slowly sits on the bed.) How sad is it that my own evil doppelgänger was smarter than me?

(Alaric grabs a chair and sits in front of her, a tear slips from her eye.) Alaric: It's okay, Elena you can tell me, tell me the moment you knew you loved him.

Elena, teary eyed and reassured, says: It was my birthday.


(Damon is sitting on the ground in the hallway, throwing a ball at the wall, and catching it, the screen says 'Today,'.)

Elena (voiceover): Damon and I spent the entire summer looking for Stefan.

(Damon stops throwing the ball and looks at his hand, his expression is without amusement, he just looks sad.)

Elena (voiceover): And I was trying to put on a good face because Caroline was throwing this party for me but I was just so sad.

(Damon gets up from the ground, walking from the hall.)

(Flashback to 3x01, Elena is in front of the mirror wearing the white dress, she's admiring herself.)

Elena (voiceover): I was two seconds from deciding that I wasn't going to go, I wasn't going to leave the room.

(Damon is slouched against the wall with his arms folded.)

Elena (voiceover): Until Damon walked in to give me my...birthday gift.

(Present day Damon is standing in the same room as the flashback, he flicks on the light, and slouches against the wall just like the flashback, he's thinking of the moment too.)

(Flashback: Elena turns when she sees Damon, and smiles.)

(Present day Damon smiles at the memory and walks fully into the room.)


Elena: It was the necklace that Stefan had given me, I'd lost it.

(Flashback: Damon approaches Elena with a small box and he opens it. It's Stefan's necklace.)

Elena (voice over flashback): And Damon knew what the necklace meant to me.


Elena: My necklace.)

Present day Elena: What it meant about my feelings for Stefan. Even though he loved me.

(Flashback: Elena picks up her hair so Damon can put the necklace on.)

Elena (voice over flashback): He gave me the one thing that represented hope for me and his brother. I knew how much it hurt him. But he did it.

(Flashback: Elena turns to Damon after he's finished.)


(Damon is taking Stefan's necklace from a small box as he stares at it, remembering Elena. He fists the necklace tightly in his hand.)


(Elena gropes at her neck, even though the necklace isn't there.): It was...the most selfless that he's ever been, and in that moment...I loved him. I didn't want to, I mean, I--It terrified me but, for that moment I loved him.


(Damon puts the necklace back in the box and stares absently, he looks extremely sad but no tears are visible.)


Elena: Do it.

(Screen flashes to otherworldly Damon, he still looks sad, then it goes back to Elena.)

(Elena grabs Alaric's hands desperately.): It's okay, I'm ready.

Alaric: I need you to be sure. Are you sure?

Elena: I'm sure, just take it away, please. (Tears are streaming down her face.)

(Alaric leans forward, compelling her.)

Alaric: Damon never came into the room, he never gave you the necklace. The party was miserable, but you spent the night at your house watching movies and eating popcorn with Jeremy.

(Flashback: Damon snaps Jeremy's neck in 2x01, Elena falls down next her brother and looks up with hatred for Damon.)

Elena: Jeremy. (She said in realization.) Damon killed Jeremy, he snapped his neck right in front of me.

Alaric: Elena, who is Damon Salvatore?

She looks angry: He's Stefan's brother, he's a monster. (She turns away with hatred.) Then he died.


(Caroline is in her car, balling her eyes out. Her makeup is smeared and she is practically wailing. But then her cell phone buzzes and she picks it up, she attempts to take the tearyness from her voice.)

Caroline: Hey.

(Elena is taking some clothes out.): Put on some party clothes and come to Whitmore. Tyler's coming over and we are going out.

(Caroline laughs.): You sound good.

Elena: I am good, I had a good day. I ditched all my classes and hung out with Ric, and we um...we talked about Bonnie.

(Caroline is softly crying, without Elena hearing her.)

Elena: I had a good cry, and I don't know I--I really feel like things are taking a turn for the better. So get your ass down here and let's have some fun.

Caroline: Well, how about I come in, sneak in the dorms and spend the night later, for old times' sake.

Elena: Sounds perfect, love you.

Caroline: Love you too.

(When she hangs up she begins to cry again, but then Enzo opens the door and steps into the car, Caroline turns to the window so he can't see her cry.)

Enzo: Oh, well that was a bit of a bust. (He notices that she's sniffling and that she's not turned to him and his expressions turns into one of concern.): Hey, hey. (Enzo grabs her face and turns her to him, he sees her crying and he looks angry, he lets her go.): I'll be right back. (Enzo leaves Caroline sobbing in the car.)


(Stefan is squatting, picking up the broken legs to the table, Ivy is entering the room.)

Ivy: Hey, did your friends leave? (She notices the broken table.): Whoa, what happened?

Stefan: Oh, you know my friend he's a...a bad drunk.

Ivy, smiling: Yikes, well at least your friend Caroline seemed nice.

(Stefan's has the broken legs in his hand.): Yeah, well I'm going to go throw this out. (He heads into the backyard, and when he returns into the house Enzo has Ivy by her neck with both his hands.)

Stefan, slowly walking forward: Let her go.

Enzo: Okay. (He snaps her neck and she falls to the ground.)

Stefan: No! (Stefan superspeeds toward Enzo but Enzo throws him back onto the ground, and slowly approaches him.)

Enzo: I've got a girl out there crying over you, because she cares so much. (Stefan sits up but doesn't attack Enzo, his eyes are wide in shock.)

Enzo: I'm over here trying to figure out why, because I can't see what's worth caring about.

(Stefan stands up, there are tears in his eyes.)

Enzo: You know Damon once told me that he promised you an eternity of misery. And I remember thinking "well what could his brother have ever done to inspire so much hatred?" But now I get're not a brother to him. Brother's don't give up. (He takes a step forward.) So every time I see you doing anything that looks like you've done so, every time you try to start over in a life that's nothing but a lie, I will make you pay.

(Stefan's face looks like he's been crying, but his face isn't wet.)

Enzo: I will be the one to bring you the misery you deserve.

(Stefan growls and superspeeds at Enzo, but he snaps Stefan's neck and Stefan falls to the ground.)

Enzo, breathless: See? We're all still neck-people.

(He walks out through the back door.)


(Jeremy is outside on the balcony, his phone to his ear.)

The phone voicemail: It's Bonnie, leave me a message.

The phone beeps and Jeremy starts talking: Hey, it's me. I paid your cell bill again, your Mom said I could, I think she felt sorry for me or something. Maybe she just wants to hear the sound of your voice too, what do I know? I'm so pissed at you, Bonnie. Yeah, still. You--you told me that you were gonna die over the phone. So you kind of deserve me railing at you on voicemails that you're never gonna get. I guess I'll call and yell at you again, tomorrow.

(He removes the phone from his ear and leaves the balcony, Matt walks to him.)

Jeremy: Ah! You scared the hell out of me.

Matt: Shh, we've got a little problem. Sarah's shady, the plates on her car are stolen, she's gotta go.

Jeremy: What are you? Deputy Dewey? How do you know that?

(Sarah appears behind them.): It doesn't matter how he knows it, he's right. I stole it from my old boss, he had wandering hands to I wandered my hands to his car keys.

Matt: Look no offense, but you've gotta find someplace else to stay.

Sarah: I totally get it, I appreciate you guys helping me, really I do. It's okay, I have family here. Sort of, I mean, I haven't met him but my Dad. He supposedly lives here. It's not like he's just going to let me sleep on the street, right?

Jeremy: Matt, at least let her stay until she finds her Dad.

Matt: Seriously, Jer? I'm on the community protection committee and she's a car thief.

Jeremy: Alright fine, we can go stay at Stefan and Damon's, no one's there.

Matt: You can't leave, I told Elena that I'd watch out for you.

Jeremy: It's not like she can do anything about it.

(Jeremy takes Sarah's hand and leads her out of the house.)


(Tripp is driving his large car, with his phone in between the seats.)

Matt, on the phone: So she says she has family here.

Tripp: That's probably another lie but I'll look into it, thanks Matt.

(Matt, who was walking in front of the mansion,): Look Jeremy's a good kid, he's just going through some stuff.

Tripp: I know all about him, I grew up with his Dad.

Matt: Wait, you're from Mystic Falls?

Tripp: Born and raised, till my parents split. I think that's why I'm such a geek about this town. My family were such big supporters, we're the founding family actually.

Matt: Which family?

Tripp: The Fells, I'm Thomas Vincent Fell III, to be exact. My dad called me Tripp, and I was such a clumsy kid that I took my Mom's maiden name when he bailed. I mean, can you imagine? 'Tripp Fell?'.

Matt: So if you're a founding family, that means you know all the stuff that go along with it, right?

Tripp: Oh, is there a secret handshake that never got taught? Look, I gotta go, I'll see you later for training though, yep?

Matt: Yeah, sure.

(They hang up, and Tripp opens the partition separating his seat from the large back seat of his car. Inside are vampires, struggling to break free of the chains he put on them.)

Tripp: Any final words?

(He drives into Mystic Falls and the young vampires begin to choke and spit up blood. Tripp is unfazed, as he clicks a button from the front seat and sun blazes in the backseat, the vampires begin to burn and set on fire, they scream hysterically as they heat up in flames. They burn, screaming. And then Tripp shuts the partition, he smiles and turns up the music in his car.)


(It's night time, and Bonnie is standing behind the stove where Damon usually stands. She is mixing beans in a pot, she makes two bowls of it. Damon sits at the table silent, and Bonnie walks over and places his bowl in front of him. And she sits across from him. Damon unfolds his napkin, and Bonnie hands him a spoon. He smiles at her as a thank you, and begins to eat. Damon looks down at his food and Bonnie looks up at him, there is understanding and concern in her eyes as she watches him.)

Bonnie: I miss them too, you know.

(Damon looks up in surprise, and nods in agreement. Bonnie looks back at her food and begins to eat. Damon grabs the newspaper on the table and stares at it.)

Damon: Look who got 27 across. (He sounds impressed.)

Bonnie smirks: I wish, 27 across is a rock I am pushing up an endless mountain.

Damon: It's an old tongue twister Eddie turned top 40, Eddie Vedder, pearl jam. Yellow Ledbetter.

(He sits the newspaper down. And Bonnie looks confused. Then she grabs the newspaper and looks at the puzzle, 27 across is filled in: 'YELLOW LEDBETTER'. A tune plays in the background of the scene.)

Bonnie, looking up at Damon: Are you messing with me?

Damon, taking it as a joke: No, you messing with me?

Bonnie, talking about the crossword puzzle: I didn't finish this.

Damon: Well, neither did I.

Bonnie, still-faced: There's someone else here.

(Both, seated at the table, look around suspiciously.)



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