[Elijah, holding Hope in his arms, is desperately making his way through the Bayou in search of Hayley]

ELIJAH: [frantically] HAYLEY! HAYLEY!

[Elijah, looking concerned, continues walking through the woods, stopping when he comes upon one of the steel-jawed animal traps, which is both covered in and surrounded by a huge puddle of blood. Elijah gulps nervously and considers this for a moment before a familiar voice calls out from behind him. It's Jackson]

JACKSON: [angrily] Where is she?

[Elijah spins on his heel and looks at Jackson with surprise. Jackson is naked, covered in blood and hiding behind a tree, both to help support himself and to give him some modesty in front of Elijah and Hope]

JACKSON: Where the hell is Hayley?

[Elijah realizes that Jackson is panting heavily and looks down to find that Jackson's leg is seriously wounded from being caught in the trap and is bleeding severely]


[Hayley, still trapped in Davina's magic circle in one of the tombs, has wrapped a blanket around herself and is holding it up with one hand while she furiously beats against the magical boundary with the other and growls angrily]


[Finally, Davina comes back into the room with her arms full of supplies, looking calmly at Hayley, who is glaring furiously at her]

HAYLEY: [enraged] Davina, let me out of here right now, or I swear I will kill you.

[Davina rolls her eyes and tosses a shirt and jeans at her before holding up a blood bag]

DAVINA: You can try. Or, we can have a polite conversation.
HAYLEY: [angrily] You magically kidnapped me on the one night that I can see my daughter. Do not talk to me about "polite!"
DAVINA: I drew you here to help you!
HAYLEY: Elijah asked you months ago to break the curse, and you said no.
DAVINA: The Regent of witches can't be seen doing favors for the Mikaelsons.

[She pauses before tossing the blood bag onto the floor of the circle]

DAVINA: ...But, maybe we can help each other.

[Hayley, too hungry to argue any farther, kneels down and starts chugging the blood from the bag as quickly as she can, squeezing it so hard that it gets all over her hands]

DAVINA: Look, I have access to the witch ancestors. I can channel the power of the one who created the spell that cursed you. You can be free, Hayley.

[Hayley stands to her feet and licks the blood from her fingers, clearly interested in what Davina is proposing but still angry at the circumstances that led them here]

HAYLEY: Under your terms, I'm guessing.

[She pauses, and Davina sighs]

HAYLEY: Spill.
DAVINA: [hesitates] There's a witch in the 9th Ward who hates that I'm Regent. She tried to kill me. If I retaliate, I'm starting a civil war, and I don't want to do that.

[Hayley, realizing where she's going with this, stares at her]

HAYLEY: Fine. Just tell me who you want dead.



[Elijah has placed Hope in her stroller, where she is restlessly fidgeting while Elijah uses a butter knife from the picnic he had set up earlier in the day to pry one of the bullets from the hunters' assault rifles out of his shoulder. Jackson hisses and groans in pain when Elijah finally frees the last one, and once he's finished, Elijah rolls up his sleeve and offers him his wrist, albeit reluctantly]

ELIJAH: Take my blood.
JACKSON: [rolls his eyes] I'm good. We need to find Hayley.
ELIJAH: [sighs] There's still no sign of her.

[He lowers his voice, looking grim and unhappy]

ELIJAH: [quietly] I've seen the bodies.
JACKSON: [sighs] Hunters set up traps all over the Bayou. Mowed us down with gunfire. Any wolf that wasn't taken out scattered.

[Jackson winces and looks down at his gunshot wound, gritting his teeth and clearly dreading his next statement]

JACKSON: Elijah... how many bodies?

[Elijah, not unaffected by the thought of all the dead wolves, looks away from him, silently answering Jackson's question. Jackson, momentarily stunned by this revelation, tries to keep it together and pauses to think]

JACKSON: A trap wouldn't hold Hayley after she turned back.

[Jackson looks over at Hope, who still looks restless and is staring at them curiously]

JACKSON: Nothing would stop her from seeing that little girl. Something's wrong.

[Elijah starts to pack up his things, and Jackson turns to look at him in confusion]

JACKSON: Where are you going?
ELIJAH: To take my niece home. Then, I'll continue the search. You stay here, you tend to your dead.
JACKSON: [cuts him off] No! No. I got five hours 'til I'm a wolf again. Elijah, she's my wife.

[Elijah nods in understanding]


[Freya has returned to the club, where she is drinking and dancing with several men on the dance floor. After a moment, Marcel, who has just arrived, comes into the room with shots in his hands and approaches her, offering her one of his drinks]

MARCEL: Need a break from the family drama?

[Freya takes the shot glass from his hand and raises it toward him before downing it in one gulp]

FREYA: [drunkenly] Thank you! Mmm! See, I've been trying to get my brothers to mend fences, but Elijah remains bitter, and Klaus remains obstinate.

[She smiles widely]

FREYA: Thus, tequila!
MARCEL: [chuckles] Thing is, it's almost midnight.
FREYA: Well, I'm not wearing glass slippers...

[Marcel gives her a look and shakes his head, causing Freya to pout when she remembers that he is holding one of the vampires' Abattoir parties that night]

FREYA: Do you have to turn the best club in town into your personal blood bank?

[Marcel puts his arm around Freya to lead her toward the door]

MARCEL: We feed on tourists, compel them to forget, locals turn a blind eye. That's how NOLA works. Has been for a long time. So, unless you want to become an appetizer--
FREYA: [wrinkles her nose] --Pass!
MARCEL: [smiles] Good.

[Freya smirks and grabs the hand of a very tall frat boy dressed in a green polo before dragging him toward the door, calling out one last statement to Marcel before she leaves]

FREYA: This one's coming with me!


[At CAMI'S APARTMENT, Cami is working on her psychological profile on the serial killer at her desk. She chugs her coffee while going over the crime scene details and news footage on her laptop, taking notes in a notebook as she gets ideas. One of her reference books is open to a section titled "Serial Killers and Signatures"]

[Meanwhile, in the FRENCH QUARTER, Detective Kinney has arrived to another crime scene, where yet another young man in a suit has been killed and staged like a marionette doll with his mouth sliced open]

[Back in CAMI'S APARTMENT, Cami jots down a list of details of their potential suspect in her notebook: "Facial mutilation" "Dehumanization of victim" "Power hungry" "History of abuse" "Compelled?" "Malignant narcissism."]

[After a moment, she types "Lucien Castle" into the search feature of The New Orleans Sentinel newspaper archives to see if there's any news about him]

[After studying the results, she clicks on the first link that appears, which reads:

"Lucien Castle donates $85 million to clean-up project in Bayou Lafourche region-- The noted philanthropist Lucien Castle donated a healthy sum to a refurbishment project..."]

[On Cami's laptop, a video pops up of Lucien speaking at some press conference, and a subtitle on the video states that he is the CEO of Kingsmaker Land Development Inc., the same company who funded the werewolf hunters in the Bayou]

LUCIEN: [in online video] Listen to the advice of your superiors, then do better! Study the weaknesses of those who outrank you and eliminate them from your own experience. Authority is meant to be challenged! Great achievers refuse to stand in shadows.

[Cami pauses the video and stares at the still frame of Lucien's face, looking overwhelmed and concerned]

[In the streets of the FRENCH QUARTER, a journalist who has a press badge pinned to her jacket has stepped past the crime scene tape to take her own photographs of the victim's still-staged body. When Detective Kinney sees her, he immediately confronts her and gestures toward her camera]

KINNEY: Gonna need you to delete that.
JOURNALIST: [undeterred] Freedom of the press, Officer.
KINNEY: It's Detective. How about a little decency? That kid has a family.
JOURNALIST: I'm not Instagramming it-- I'm with the Sentinel.

[She smiles fakely at him]

JOURNALIST: Would you care to comment on all the rumors--
KINNEY: [cuts her off] Behind the tape, please.

[Detective Kinney escorts her out of the crime scene and stares at her suspiciously as she walks away]


[Klaus is on the balcony outside of his bedroom, drinking a tumbler of bourbon, when he suddenly senses that he is not alone. He doesn't even need to turn around to know that Jackson and Elijah are behind him]

KLAUS: I thought I smelled swamp.

[He finally turns to face Jackson and Elijah, both of whom look furious as they glare at him]

JACKSON: What'd you do with Hayley?
ELIJAH: Tell me what you know.

[Klaus walks toward them with a coy expression]

KLAUS: Has Jackson misplaced his bride? Come to think about it, I did read that global warming was affecting migration patterns. Try Georgia!
JACKSON: [angrily] I just left the bodies of people I care about to rot in the woods because you left them defenseless against poachers!

[Klaus looks surprised to hear this, but smiles fakely to cover it up]

JACKSON: Like Kingmaker Land Development. Does that ring a bell?

[Klaus' smile falls, and Jackson realizes he's onto something]'

JACKSON: Yeah, the CEO is Lucien Castle.

[He gestures to Elijah]

JACKSON: Elijah tells me you two go way back--

[Elijah cuts him off and walks toward Klaus so they are face-to-face]

ELIJAH: So, I will ask you once again-- what do you know?
KLAUS: [points at Elijah] As it happens, I just came back from a romp with our good friend Lucien. You can find him in the penthouse of the gaudy new construction on Canal. And while you two are catching up, be sure to ask him about the prophetic vision he showed me of our family's spectacular downfall. You could use a good laugh.

[Elijah sighs and points at Jackson]

ELIJAH: You stay here. Niklaus and I will deal with this.
KLAUS: Actually, as long as Hayley's prowling about on two legs and unaccounted for, I'm staying with my daughter.

[Klaus walks toward Jackson, looking at him suspiciously]

KLAUS: And, should I discover that this is yet another cock-eyed scheme for Hayley and you to abscond with her, the paltry remains of your beloved wolf pack will be sniffing at your entrails come morning.

[Jackson scowls at him, which makes Klaus smile as he walks away. However, Elijah vamp-speeds in front of him, blocking his way]

ELIJAH: [amused] This doesn't frighten you, brother. But, one day, your daughter will know exactly the kind of man that her father is.

[His smile falls, and he looks at Klaus with a deadly serious expression]

ELIJAH: If anything should happen to Hayley, you mark my words-- no one will have to take Hope from you. She will, without question, leave you of her own accord.

[Elijah leaves with Jackson without another word, leaving a stunned and slightly worried Klaus behind to think about what he's just learned]


[In the tomb, Hayley is using an athame to cut a lock of hair from her head, which she then hands to Davina. She has also apparently given her some of her blood, as Davina has a bowl of it sitting on the nearby table, along with a half dozen lit white candles and one solitary new candle that remains unlit. She takes Hayley's hair and walks toward the table to begin]

DAVINA: You're completely cloaked. No magic will be able to track you. The witch's name is Kara Nguyen. She runs a café, Chim Lac, in the lower 9th Ward. She'll be there before dawn.

[Davina takes Hayley's hair and breaks it apart before dropping it in pieces into the bowl of blood. She then takes the blood and hair mixture and pours it over the new unlit candle]

DAVINA: As long as the candle burns, your curse won't be active.
HAYLEY: [snidely] And when a strong wind comes along...?

[Davina waves her hand over the candle, which seems to absorb Hayley's blood and hair, leaving only a blood-red crescent moon on the outside of it]

DAVINA: My magic will protect the flame. Of course, you'll have to work with me.

[Davina throws her hand out, telekinetically breaking the magic circle of salt around Hayley and freeing her from the boundary spell. As soon as Hayley realizes she can move, she vamp-speeds toward Davina and pins her against the table with the athame pressed against her neck]

HAYLEY: [angrily] I'm doing this for my pack. If I turn into a wolf tonight before seeing my daughter, I will come for you, and I will tear you apart.

[Davina gasps in fear for a moment before gasping a reply]

DAVINA: When the sun comes up tomorrow and you're still you, you'll owe me an apology.

[Hayley smirks in amusement before letting her go. She points the tip of the athame at Davina before she sets it on the table and turns to leave]

HAYLEY: You have two hours. Get it done.


[Klaus is walking down the stairs of the compound as he leaves Freya a voicemail on her phone]

KLAUS: [annoyed] Freya, I'm aware that 21st century technology remains a mystery to you, but when you see my name pop up on your phone, you answer it. Come home. Immediately.

[When he makes it down the stairs to the courtyard, he finds an unhappy Cami standing there waiting for him]

KLAUS: Mere hours after you lecture me about boundaries, and here you are in my house in the middle of the night...

[He takes a seat on the couch, and Cami, exasperated, sits down across from him in an armchair]

CAMI: I came in through the front door. You appeared through my window like a creeper. Besides, this is a matter of life and death.

[She opens her bag and pulls out her laptop before opening it and pulling up the crime scene photos of the serial killer victims]

KLAUS: Oh, how novel!
CAMI: Call it a hunch, but I think your friend Lucien is torturing and killing humans in the Quarter. There have been two victims so far, but I've constructed a psychological profile of the killer, and I don't think it's going to end there.
KLAUS: [rolls his eyes] Lucien would never be so sloppy.

[Cami, not convinced, turns her laptop to show him the photo of the first victim. When Klaus sees it, his amused smile falls as he becomes mildly concerned]

KLAUS:. ...Although, I admit, there is a familiar method to this particular madness...
CAMI: You want to prove to me that you're turning over a new leaf? Make sure this latest victim is the last one.

[Cami starts to pack up her bag, and Klaus looks at her curiously]

KLAUS: Are you suggesting that I prove my redeemability by killing my oldest friend? Such irony!
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] Look, NOLA PD can't take down a thousand-year-old psycho with vampire powers, but you can. You're the smartest, and the strongest, and the scariest.

[Klaus is clearly pleased to hear this description of him and smiles brightly]

CAMI: So, make him stop.

[She turns and walks to the door, and Klaus sighs]


[Lucien is in the middle of feeding on the blood of a young woman who looks as though she cannot speak or move. It's the same journalist from earlier who walks trying to interview Detective Kinney, who is sitting in an armchair in her lingerie. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Lucien stops feeding on her. He stands to his feet, quickly wiping his bloody mouth with a handkerchief before answering the door to find Elijah standing out in the hallway]

LUCIEN: [brightly] Elijah! What a glorious pleasure.
ELIJAH: I do apologize for the late hour.
LUCIEN: Oh, it's no matter! I've long been nostalgic for the days when vampires conducted business in the dark.

[Elijah takes a step forward to enter the apartment, but is blocked by an invisible force, which causes Lucien to chuckle and point at the threshold]

LUCIEN: It's a boundary spell. No vampire from another sireline can enter without an invitation.

[He clears his throat awkwardly]

LUCIEN: Given the circumstances, you know...
ELIJAH: [feigns politeness] Lucien, I didn't come here to chin-wag. Your little corporation has been butchering wolves in the Bayou Lafourche!
LUCIEN: It's population control. There's viable land out there-- viable, that is, once the sudden influx of mangy wildlife has been eliminated.
ELIJAH: I take it you are alluding to the Crescent Pack.

[Lucien shrugs as though he doesn't know of the pack]

ELIJAH: [unamused] Hayley Kenner, one of the Alphas, is missing.

[Lucien narrows his eyes in realization and gives Elijah a confused look]

LUCIEN: The hybrid Nik knocked up?

[Lucien turns to walk back into the apartment as Elijah glares at him, visibly offended by his statement]

LUCIEN: I'm surprised by your concern, Elijah. When your family left her to prowl the woods all these months, I just figured the tramp was persona non grata-- fair game.

[He smirks as he picks up a glass of scotch from the table and takes a sip. Elijah's lips quirk into a weak smile before he loses his temper, breaks an end table in the hall into pieces, and throws the broken leg of the table at Lucien with vampire speed. This makeshift stake impales Lucien in the neck, causing him to groan in pain as he pulls it out. Before he can react further, Jackson, partially transformed into a wolf, lunges at Lucien with his golden-eyes blazing]


[As a human, Jackson needs no invitation, so he easily rushes into the apartment, tackles Lucien, and bites him viciously on the arm]

LUCIEN: [in agony] AHHHH!

[Jackson, who still has his golden eyes and fangs out, stands above Lucien as the vampire cradles his injured arm]

JACKSON: Now, he asked you what your hunters did with my wife. Answers. Now.

[Lucien jumps to his feet at vampire speed to look Jackson in the eyes]

LUCIEN: I'll have them inspect the roadkill in the morning.

[Jackson looks as though he's about to attack Lucien again, but Elijah stops him]

ELIJAH: [worried] Jackson, your time is short. You go to the compound. Fetch the chains from the carriage room.

[Jackson sighs but ultimately complies. Lucien glares at him as he leaves, flexing his injured arm and wincing]

ELIJAH: [amused] My darling Lucien-- I'm quite happy to stand here and watch you die. Or, you could invite me in. The choice is yours.


[Cami has just passed the newest crime scene on her way to Rousseau's. Her expression is grim as she glances as the police officers stationed outside before heading toward the bar, taking quick looks around as she does so to make sure no one is following her. She finally unlocks the door and goes to slip in, only to be startled when someone grabs the door to pull it open wider. Cami yelps in shock, but it's just Detective Kinney]

CAMI: [scared] AHHH!
KINNEY: [smiles] Hey. It's just me!

[When she realizes she's not actually in danger, she begins to relax and catches her breath before giving him a stern look]

CAMI: Maybe not the best time to be sneaking up on people?
KINNEY: Sorry. It's been a long night. I saw you walking in. Thought you might not mind pouring me a drink.

[Cami sighs and steps back so Detective Kinney can come in. As he walks through the door, he takes one last look out onto the street before shutting it behind him]


[Freya is arm-in-arm with the young man she picked up at Maison Bourbon and has returned home. They walk into the compound together as Freya smiles at him]

FREYA: Nightcap?

[She gestures around the room]

FREYA: You'll find bourbon on basically every horizontal surface.
FRAT BOY: Or, we can skip to the fun part.

[Freya giggles as the two begin making out against an end table. After a moment, Klaus suddenly appears next to them and loudly interrupts their hook-up]

KLAUS: [brightly] Freya! It's about time you brought a gentleman home to meet the family.

[He turns to the man to introduce himself]

KLAUS: I'm Freya's brother. And you are? No, don't tell me. Let me guess-- Brad? Chad? Brody? Let's go with Brody. What are your intentions for my sister? Shall we discuss a dowry?

[He lets his hybrid-eyes slip out for just a moment, which scares Freya's suitor]

FRAT BOY: Bro, what the...?
KLAUS: Leave. Now.

["Brody" rushes out of the compound without another word, and Klaus laughs in amusement, and though Freya gives him a look, it's clear that she thinks it's funny as well]

KLAUS: He was drunk! No one will believe his story.
FREYA: [smiles] Not three months ago, you utterly despised me, and now you're playing protective brother.
KLAUS: I'm sure you're quite capable of protecting yourself against the scourge of Fraternity Row.

[Klaus pauses for a moment, and his tone becomes serious]

KLAUS: I need you to perform a locator spell. Hayley's missing.
FREYA: [stares at him] You're worried about her.
KLAUS: [plays tough] I prefer to know the whereabouts of my enemies. Besides, Hayley has a history of taking what's mine.

[Klaus walks away, hoping to avoid a discussion, but Freya knows better]

FREYA: No. You're afraid she's truly lost.

[Klaus turns to face Freya, looking unamused, so Freya changes the subject]

FREYA: I'll need the best connection to Hayley. You'll have to wake Hope.

[Klaus nods in agreement]


[Detective Kinney and Cami are sitting at the bar, where they're having a drink together]

KINNEY: So, any progress on the killer's profile?

[Cami sets down her drink, looking uncomfortable]

CAMI: Listen... I know Vincent said that I could help, but you should probably consult someone with a little more... experience.

[She smiles politely at him, and he smiles back, though it's clear he's suspicious]

KINNEY: Yeah, sure.

[He pauses awkwardly for a moment before continuing]

KINNEY: You know, I've seen you in town before... with Klaus Mikaelson. Mysterious philanthropist-slash-artist with no past on record? Is he a friend or a patient?

[Cami, stunned by this information and looking anxious, stands to her feet and grabs the bottle of scotch to put it away]

CAMI: You know, I think we should call it.
KINNEY: Cami--
CAMI: [cuts him off] I'm not allowed to discuss my clients.
KINNEY: [sighs] I know who you are.

[Cami stops in her tracks, visibly flustered. Her face looks even more anxious]

CAMI: [weakly] Right. My brother murdered a church full of seminary students, so my name must be familiar to the local PD.
KINNEY: It is. But, when Vincent brought you in, I did further research.

[Cami stares at him blankly]

KINNEY: For example, your uncle Kieran's death last year-- that autopsy report was just full of plot-holes.
CAMI: [quietly] He had a heart attack.
KINNEY: [nods skeptically] Perfectly rational explanation.

[Detective Kinney stands to his feet and stares Cami in the eyes]

KINNEY: There's always a perfectly rational explanation.

[He picks up his coat and casually sets it down over Cami's bag]

KINNEY: Your family has a whole century full of strange deaths. Unexplainable behavior. Grave-robberies. Beheadings. Missing persons. Police reports with entire sections blacked out. Whenever there's a problem in the Quarter, there's an O'Connell... either causing it, or cleaning it up.

[Cami, trying as hard as she can to keep calm, maintains eye contact with him as she leans forward]

CAMI: Are you accusing me of something?
KINNEY: [amused] No. I just think your whole "good Catholic family" thing is a cover. I just haven't figured out what you're covering yet. But I will.

[Detective Kinney picks up his coat and walks out the door. Once he's gone, Cami lets out a nervous breath before picking up her bag. However, when she opens it to grab her laptop, she finds that it's gone. She then realizes that Detective Kinney must have stolen it while they were talking and becomes very worried]


[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina is outside of the Dubois tomb, which reads "CELESTE DUBOIS: Born 1790" on the stone front. She is kneeling in front of the tomb and casting a spell to channel Céleste's magic to undo the Crescent Curse using the candle infused with Hayley's blood]

DAVINA: [chants quietly] Ven el forte es cufe. Ven el forte es cufe.

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus is pacing anxiously with Hope in his arms while Freya prepares to do the locator spell to find Hayley. She spreads a circle of black sand on a map held down with lit candles and mutters the incantation under her breath]

FREYA: [chants quietly] Vinde val tratunderes. Vinde val tratunderes.

[Suddenly, Freya gasps loudly as her eyes fly open. It's obvious by the look on her face that something isn't right. Klaus looks at her with concern]

FREYA: [whispers] I can't find her.

[At the CHIM LAC CAFE, Kara Nguyen has arrived for work and is walking toward the café. Hayley quietly follows her, ducking behind some stacked crates to watch her from afar as a delivery truck driver approaches her]

DELIVERY DRIVER: Hi, could I get your signature on this?

[Kara takes a clipboard from him and signs the delivery forms before smiling and handing it back]

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Freya is anxiously describing what just happened with the locator spell]

FREYA: There's nothing-- ... It's like she doesn't exist.

[Klaus' eyes widen in alarm, and he gasps as Hope chews on her fingers in his arms]

KLAUS: ...Or she's dead.

[Suddenly, Jackson and Elijah return, the former of whom refuses to believe this news]

JACKSON: No! No. No. You have to find her.

[Freya, who is clearly upset and trying to catch her breath, looks at him with wide eyes]

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina is still working on her spell]

DAVINA: [chants quietly] Ven el forte es cufe. Ven el forte es cufe.

[After a moment, blood starts to drip from her eyes like tears, and when Davina stops chanting and wipes them away in confusion, she realizes that the Ancestors (or possibly even Céleste herself) are angry and immediately begins to panic]

DAVINA: [whispers] No! No, please! You need to listen to me, please!

[More blood starts to pour from Davina's eyes as she looks up at the sky and pleads with the Ancestors]

[At CHIM LAC, Hayley, still watching Kara from the shadows as she unpacks her deliveries, steps forward to vamp-speed toward her target when suddenly, her bones start to crack as she begins to transform back into a wolf. Her eyes turn gold, and she tries her best to keep her moans of pain silent as she tries to figure out what to do]

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus is pacing anxiously when Jackson suddenly yelps in pain as he, too, starts to turn back into a wolf. Freya, realizing what's happening, quickly stands to her feet to help]

FREYA: Klaus, the chains!

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina is still tearfully pleading with the Ancestors as blood continues to pour down her face]

DAVINA: [desperately] Please! I know you don't want to help me, but Hayley can be used against Klaus! She's the only one that he truly fears!

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Freya is holding Hope while Klaus chains Jackson up in the courtyard by the wrists. Jackson is desperately pleading with Freya as his bones snap and reform]

JACKSON: Freya, please! Please do the spell again! I can't go a month withou-- AHH!

[His pleas are cut off by a groan of agony as he continues to shift back into a wolf, and Freya looks guilty to not be able to help him more]

[At LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, Davina is crying harder as she begs the Ancestors to stop]

DAVINA: Please! Please, I need you to listen to me--

[Suddenly, the wick of the candle made with Hayley's blood bursts into flame. Davina stops speaking with a gasp of relief when she realizes that the Ancestors have relented]

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Jackson groans for another moment until the pain evaporates, and he, too, gasps in relief. Freya and Klaus both look at him in confusion]

JACKSON: [surprised] It stopped...

[Outside of CHIM LAC, Hayley, confused, touches her face experimentally and realizes that she's no longer shifting. Realizing that she might not have much time, she quickly returns to the task at hand and vamp-speeds toward Kara, catching her completely off-guard as she bites onto her neck and feeds on her. She then snaps Kara's neck, killing her instantly. She wipes her bloody mouth off with her sleeve before she turns to leave. Unfortunately, a moment later, ten more witches come out of the shadows and simultaneously cast a pain infliction spell on her, causing her to double over and clutch her head in agony]



[Elijah is pacing around Lucien's apartment, taking note of all the artwork on his walls. Lucien joins him a moment later, having grabbed a towel to clean up his werewolf bite]

LUCIEN: My contacts will get back to me if they have any information about a wolf matching your description.

[Lucien sits down on his couch and picks up a decanter of scotch to pour himself a drink]

ELIJAH: You're going to need Niklaus' blood for that wound, just FYI. I'm sure he'll respond favorably once the mother of his child has been recovered.

[Elijah looks at the newspaper journalist Lucien was feeding on earlier, who is still sitting silently and motionlessly on the chair where he left her, and brushes a lock of hair off of her neck. Lucien takes notice of Elijah's interest in her]

LUCIEN: Oh, feel free to have a drink! She's not dead... just mouthy. I compelled her quiet.

[Lucien takes a large gulp of his alcohol]

ELIJAH: [annoyed] You can spare me the counterfeit camaraderie. So, you say you're in conflict with those of my sireline. Am I to assume that the Lord Tristan de Martel is up to his usual tricks?
LUCIEN: [frustrated] This is no quarrel, Elijah! We are on the brink of war! Tristan knows that if he kills Klaus, he will eliminate all his enemies.

[Elijah, confused, holds up a hand to silence him]

ELIJAH: And, so wait-- by this logic, am I to assume that I am your ultimate target?
LUCIEN: [scoffs] If I kill you, then I trade all of the money, the women, the jets, for an eternity on the run from Nik and Rebekah.

[Elijah smiles politely and walks toward Lucien]

ELIJAH: Leave the city. No one needs your protection. The white oak is destroyed. We cannot be killed.

[Elijah sits on Lucien's coffee table and takes the glass of scotch from his hand. Lucien, frustrated, leans forward and lowers his voice]

LUCIEN: You're wrong. Talk to Nik. He's seen the prophecy. Visions of darkness surround your family. You are not immune to death, Elijah.

[Elijah rolls his eyes, but says nothing, which doesn't escape Lucien's notice]

LUCIEN: And you don't seem particularly fazed--
ELIJAH: [cuts him off] --Well, I'm no stranger to death, young Lucien.

[Elijah gives Lucien his drink back, and Lucien's eyes narrow in realization]

ELIJAH: Or third-rate prophecies, for that matter.

[Elijah stands to his feet and starts walking toward the door, only to be stopped by Lucien, who stands as well]

LUCIEN: Or maybe immortality has finally soured you. After all, you've abandoned your eternal efforts to save Nik's soul. What's left for the legendary Elijah Mikaelson if not that singular motivation?

[He takes another sip of his drink, and Elijah shoots him one last glare before he leaves the apartment]


[Davina, still kneeling in front of the Dubois tomb, touches the lit candle made of Hayley's blood to protect the flame before she stands to her feet. She walks away, locking up the metal gate behind her with a padlock and casting a spell over the lock to protect it as well. Before she can leave the mausoleum, Marcel comes in to see her]

MARCEL: We got a problem.


[Outside of the café, a pile of smoldering, ashen corpses is laying in a pile on the patio, where a large crowd of Versailles witches have gathered. Some are crying near the bodies, others have their arms around each other to comfort each other from afar. Marcel and Davina arrive a moment later and watch from under a nearby stall]

MARCEL: Eleven bodies, a lot of pissed off loved ones. They thought it was a vampire thing, but all my guys are accounted for at the Abattoir last night.

[Suddenly, a young man, Van Nguyen, arrives and looks frantic as he glances around the crowd]

VAN: Where's my mom? Where is she?

[An older man nearby puts his arm around Van's shoulders and holds him tight as he realizes what has just happened]

VAN: No, no, no, no!

[Van falls to his knees and begins to sob as other members of the coven swarm around him to comfort him. Marcel looks unhappy, whereas Davina looks as though she's regretting what she's just done]


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus has just put Hope in a small playpen, where she lays down on the floor. As he watches her, he pulls out his phone and dials Lucien's number]

KLAUS: I taught you better than to leave your leftovers in the street! My streets.

[Lucien, who is stumbling around his apartment due to the effects of his werewolf bite, sighs as he cradles his injured arm. He's using a bluetooth headset so he can have his hands free to search around the apartment]

LUCIEN: You'll have to elaborate, mate.
KLAUS: Two bodies were found sporting rather memorable lacerations. Are you exorcising your demons by carving up the innocents of New Orleans?

[Lucien laughs weakly and leans against the doorway to catch his breath for a moment]

LUCIEN: Oh, your family is full of unfounded accusations today. And if I was the culprit, why would you care? We used to make fantastic messes together.
KLAUS: [unamused] There is a delicate balance in this city. There are rules.
LUCIEN: [tries to catch his breath] Ah, and people you care about. You can't afford to have weaknesses like that right now.

[Lucien pushes the door to his bedroom closet open and falls onto his knees on the floor in front of a large trunk]

KLAUS: Speaking of weaknesses, there is a wolf chained to my wall who claims he took a chunk out of your arm. Come see me. I'll give you my blood in exchange for your word that the killings will stop.

[Lucien rifles around his trunk, moving aside a sheathed blade, several stacks of books, and what looks like either historical or magical artifacts in search of something at the bottom. He flexes his fingers and looks at the bite wound on his forearm]

LUCIEN: I'm afraid your family dog missed the mark, friend. Barely a scratch. No venom breached the skin.

[Klaus closes his eyes and sighs in annoyance at losing his leverage]

KLAUS: You listen carefully, friend-- my city has enjoyed months of relative peace. If that peace is in any way disrupted, the next gruesome murder will be yours!

[Lucien, who has found a silver briefcase in his trunk and has pulled it out, chuckles in amusement, which only makes Klaus more frustrated]

LUCIEN: Now there's the Klaus I know.

[Lucien hangs up on him and takes the bluetooth device from his ear]

[Back at the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Jackson is still chained by his wrists in the courtyard while Freya stands in front of him, still in her party clothes from the night before. Jackson yanks at the chains angrily in an attempt to get free]

FREYA: [awkwardly] Can I get you some water, or... something?
JACKSON: Let me out! It's dawn, I haven't turned back yet. It doesn't make any sense. I need to find Hayley.

[Freya walks toward him and puts her hand on his chest to try to sense what is going on with him with her magic. The sound of Jackson's heart pulsing gets louder]

FREYA: I can still feel the curse in your blood. Something's restraining it, but you could transition at any moment.

[Suddenly, Hayley vamp-speeds into the room and shoves Freya into the nearby column, which instantly knocks her out. Jackson looks up at her in surprised, but then becomes even more concerned when he realizes that she is covered from head to toe in blood]

HAYLEY: Where the hell is that bastard?


[Lucien, looking worse for wear, has sat down on the couch in his living room. The silver briefcase is open on the table, revealing four vials of a cloudy liquid and a metal syringe. Panting for breath, Lucien draws up some of the fluid from the vial into the syringe before piercing his wound with the needle and injecting the syringe full of fluid into his body, wincing in pain as it burns the wound. After a moment, he breaths a sigh of relief as the compound burns the werewolf venom from his body and allows his bite to heal as though he has just ingested Klaus' blood]


[Marcel is still standing in the shadows and watches as Davina approaches the crowd of mourners from the 9th Ward and addresses them in a shaky voice]

DAVINA: Versailles witches, this is an unbearable tragedy. In the wake of such sorrow, please allow me to bring you under the protection of the Ancestors. Whoever did this was strong, and, for all we know, might return. If you follow my rules, I promise to keep you safe. Nothing like this will ever happen to you. Not again.

[Marcel's face becomes grim as he listens to Davina's speech and realizes she was involved in the slaughter. Van, too, seems to become suspicious of Davina's motives as well]


[Jackson is gaping worriedly at Hayley as she stands in front of him]

JACKSON: Hayley, what happened?

[Suddenly, Klaus enters the room and greets Hayley]

KLAUS: [smugly] Hayley. Come to apologize for all your transgressions?

[At the sound of his voice, Hayley turns and rushes toward Klaus aggressively]

HAYLEY: Do you have any idea what you have taken from me?

[She throws a punch at him, but he dodges it and grabs her arm, twisting it behind her back]

HAYLEY: [screams in pain] AHH!

[Hayley breaks out his hold easily by kicking him backwards in the gut before spinning and roundhouse-kicking him in the face. Jackson, furious at Klaus, twists the chains around his wrists to try to break free]

KLAUS: The very thing you sought to take from me-- the chance to raise our daughter. Your punishment fits your crime.
HAYLEY: Your family was ruining her life!

[Klaus vamp-speeds toward Hayley and pins her in a choke-hold against a nearby table, causing her to gasp for breath]

KLAUS: My family saved her life while you were off playing hide-and-seek in the forest!

[Jackson, his yellow eyes flashing, breaks one of the chains binding him to the wall, just as Freya starts to stir awake after being knocked out by Hayley earlier. Hayley headbutts Klaus in the face, causing his nose to bleed, and Jackson breaks the other chain, completely freeing himself. Freya, realizing that it's about to get ugly, casts a spell to keep him unable to intervene]

JACKSON: [groans] Let me go! He'll kill her!
FREYA: [frantically] He'll kill you!

[Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley are still arguing and fighting]

KLAUS: There's a very short list of people who've tried to take Hope away from me, and you're the only one left breathing.
HAYLEY: [enraged] Are you that delusional, Klaus? You cursed all of us! Every wolf that I fought for, everyone that stood up for our daughter. You took all of them away from their families!
KLAUS: Yes, yes, your precious pack, that family you chose over us, and in doing so, you chose over Hope.
HAYLEY: [stunned] Is that what you were planning on telling her when she got older and asked for me? That I abandoned her?

[Hayley, more furious than anyone has ever seen her, breaks an end-table and uses the broken leg as a stake as she lunges for Klaus. However, Klaus takes the stake and throws it aside, watching frustratedly as Hayley jumps high into the air onto the staircase railing, which she uses as leverage to jump onto the balcony. She leaps over to where Klaus has appeared and starts punching him, which he dodges at vampire speed. Finally, she starts angrily shoving him in the chest, pushing him backwards as she yells furiously at him]

HAYLEY: My parents left me! Yours turned their backs on you! Look at us now, Klaus!

[She continues hitting him hard in the chest, but Klaus, suddenly stricken by the realization of what he's done, can do nothing but stare in horror at her as she screams in frustration]


[Suddenly, Elijah returns home and tries to intervene from below]

ELIJAH: Niklaus!

[Hayley ignores Elijah and keeps shoving Klaus in the chest]

HAYLEY: She deserves something better than what we had, and all I have ever wanted for her is something better!

[Klaus continues to stand there silently, which only makes Hayley more frustrated]


[Klaus' eyes widen as he notices something behind her, and when Hayley turns around, she sees Hope slowly toddling over to them on the balcony, having likely heard the fight and become curious as to what is happening. Hayley's mouth opens in shock, and a wave of guilt washes over her face as she covers her mouth with her hand in horror. Below, Elijah, Freya, and Jackson watch sadly from the ground floor of the courtyard]

HAYLEY: [overwhelmed] Ohhhh. She's walking. When did she start walking?

[Klaus and the others remain silent, and Hayley looks as though she's on the brink of breaking down as she slowly walks toward her daughter. She finally picks up Hope, too overwhelmed to remember she's covered in blood, and she starts to cry as Hope coos in her arms]

HAYLEY: [quietly] I missed it. I missed everything.

[Hayley kisses Hope's cheek as Freya, Jackson, and Elijah continue to watch sadly from the courtyard. Behind her, Klaus is looking tearful as well, and seems to be guilty and ashamed of what he's done]


[After the break, Hayley walks down the steps with Hope, and Klaus follows slowly behind her. Freya has broken the shackles from Jackson's wrists, and as soon as she's finished, he rushes toward his wife and step-daughter to give them a hug]

JACKSON: What happened? Is the curse broken?
HAYLEY: [tiredly] I'll explain later. We're safe... for now.
KLAUS: [politely] Good for you. I'll have your bedroom made up.
HAYLEY: [glares at him] The only way that I will stay under your roof is if I'm in a coffin.
KLAUS: [angrily] If you think I will allow Hope out of my protection for a second--
HAYLEY: [firmly] What you'll allow doesn't matter, Klaus. Welcome to a 21st century custody battle. Moms win them now.

[Elijah, wanting to prevent another fight, interrupts them]

ELIJAH: If I may? The apartments across the street have recently been renovated. I might pay a visit to the management.

[He turns to Klaus, who is visibly unhappy, and glares at him]

ELIJAH: The fact that Hope will never be out of earshot should assuage your incessant paranoia.
KLAUS: So we are to listen as my daughter is raised by savages?
JACKSON: [scoffs] Because everyone here is so civilized?
ELIJAH: [to Klaus] Brother, you created the problem. This might well be the solution.

[Hayley looks at Elijah gratefully and nods]

HAYLEY: Put the place in Jackson's name.

[She looks over at Klaus and glares at him]

HAYLEY: Klaus won't be invited in.

[Klaus scowls in anger at this news, but he says nothing as Hayley, Hope, and Jackson walk away. Elijah shoots Klaus one last look before he turns and follows them out. Freya looks at Klaus with an expression that seems to say, "I told you so," before she goes up to her room]


[Davina has just returned to the cemetery and is about to head back into the mausoleum when she finds Marcel waiting for her there. He looks at her seriously with his hands on his hips as he paces around]

MARCEL: You're gonna need to take care of those bodies. Discretely.
DAVINA: [nods] I know. Keep everything covered up, keep it out of the papers.

[Davina is about to head inside when Marcel finally brings up what happened]

MARCEL: Davina... Tell me you didn't do this.
DAVINA: [defensively] You're the one who told me I had to use a sign of force.
MARCEL: Against the one who went after you! I did not suggest a massacre.
DAVINA: Are you really gonna lecture me about dead witches? This is New Orleans! We're always at war, and collateral damage happens. I learned that from you.
MARCEL: [gives her a look] Guess who I learned that from? You're not gonna get the better of Klaus by becoming him, alright? You need a break. Get out, live a little, have some fun. Vincent should have never gotten you into this. You're too young to have that kind of blood on your hands.
DAVINA: [angrily] I'm a French Quarter witch! I was born with blood on my hands!

[She turns to head into the mausoleum, but takes one last look at Marcel before she goes]

DAVINA: And you're not supposed to be in the cemetery, Marcel.

[Davina heads inside, leaving Marcel to become more worried about Davina and her behavior. However, once she's alone, Davina immediately starts to cry, clutching the stone wall of the mausoleum for support as she sobs]


[Hayley, who has showered and dressed in clean clothes, is in her old bedroom, where she's packing up her things in a leather bag. After a moment, she stops what she's doing as she's transported into a flashback of the previous evening]

[In FLASHBACK to last night, Hayley has just been incapacitated by a pain infliction spell by the ten Versailles witches who caught her killing Kara. Knowing that her pack's freedom depends on no one tracing Kara's death back to Davina, Hayley starts feeding on one of the witches attacking her until the woman dies. She's momentarily incapacitated by another pain infliction spell for a moment until she fights through it, ripping the arms off of two witches at the same time, screaming in pain, and then snapping the neck of another witch so hard she pulls his head off. Once she's done, she looks around in horror at the massacre she had just caused and gasps for breath]

[In the PRESENT, Hayley is broken out of her flashback by Elijah, who has just gently knocked on the door as he stands in the threshold. He seems to sense that she's troubled and looks at her with concern]

ELIJAH: [quietly] Are you okay?
HAYLEY: [lies] I'm fine. Come in.

[Elijah walks into the room, and Hayley returns to packing]

HAYLEY: Jackson's gathering the pack to tell them to go back to their families... what's left of them.

[She anxiously clears her throat and runs her hand through her hair, keeping her back to Elijah so he doesn't see how overwhelmed she is. Elijah holds out his hand, which has a set of keys on a key ring hanging from his index finger]

ELIJAH: You should be quite comfortable.

[Hayley turns to him, and her eyes widen in appreciation when she sees that he got her and Jackson a new apartment]

HAYLEY: Thank you for this.

[She pauses for a moment, and they stand awkwardly until Hayley continues]

HAYLEY: You know, there was a moment at the bonfire last year when I thought we would be okay. That Hope could be raised by a real family. For the first time, I was happy. I hate Klaus for taking that away from me.

[Elijah, not knowing what to say, pulls out a red velvet jewelry box and hands it to Hayley]

ELIJAH: These belong to you. I recovered them after you turned.

[Elijah turns and walks toward the door, but before he leaves, he stops, though he's too self-conscious to face her]

ELIJAH: [emotionally] I thought only of you. Every day, I fought for your return, and...

[He pauses, struggling to find the words he wants to say]

ELIJAH: ...Searching for a way.

[He loses his nerve, and heads for the door, making only one last statement before he leaves]

ELIJAH: [shakily] You were not forgotten.

[Once Elijah is gone, Hayley pauses for a moment, visibly affected by his words]


[A small funeral is being held for the eleven dead Versailles witches, and their bodies are wrapped in white as per their tradition as they consecrate their remains so they can join the Ancestors. Mourners are placing flowers on the bodies of their loved ones as they continue to all comfort each other. After a moment, Davina arrives in a black dress and stands on the outskirts of the crowd. Van, who was kneeling in front of his mother's body, sees that she is there and stands to approach her]

VAN: [quietly] Those remains used to be my mom.

[Despite Davina's role in Kara's death, she does seem to feel genuinely sorry for him]

DAVINA: I'm so sorry.
VAN: [angrily] Spare me. She went after you.
DAVINA: [awkwardly] We had our differences, but--
VAN: [interrupts her] Look, I'm gonna find out how this happened, and I'm gonna expose you. Then, you'll be shunned. Unable to practice, exiled from the city. Basically, I'm gonna erase you.

[Van walks away, leaving an incredibly worried Davina behind to worry about the potential consequences of her actions]


[Jackson, Hayley, and Hope have just arrived to their new apartment across the street from the compound. Jackson unlocks the door and walks in, but Hayley stops in the threshold, unable to enter due to being a hybrid. After a moment, Hayley clears her throat awkwardly]

JACKSON: [chuckles] Oh! Come on in.

[Formally invited, Hayley is finally able to follow him in, and she and Hope curiously look around at their new home. The apartment is small and full of boxes of their things, along with the crib Jackson made for Hope]

HAYLEY: Not quite as luxurious as the airstream, but...
JACKSON: Eh, we'll make it a good home, Hayley. Hope will be surrounded by people who love her. She'll be happy, you'll be happy...

[He smiles at her, and Hayley gently places Hope in her crib. She looks down at her daughter, who is happily playing with a stuffed animal as she lays on her back in her bed, and laughs, happy to be reunited with her. Jackson gives her a curious look]

JACKSON: [smiles] What?
HAYLEY: [smiles back] I just missed you.

[Hayley blushes and walks over to her bag, pulling out the jewelry box Elijah gave her earlier and handing it to him after she walks over to stand next to him]

HAYLEY: These were found in the junkyard.

[Jackson opens the box, revealing their wedding rings and the moss agate mineral totem necklace that Jackson gave Hayley on their wedding day. Jackson removes Hayley's ring from the box and sets the latter aside before placing the ring on Hayley's left ring finger. He then takes a step toward her and kisses her, leading Hayley to wrap her arms around his neck and embrace him while they make out]

JACKSON: [happily] Well, you saved us. Again.
HAYLEY: Mmmm. For now. Davina's not gonna let us forget she's the reason why we're here. Our freedom comes with a price.
JACKSON: Everything does in this town. But, the worst is over, and so just for today, why don't you let me take care of you for a change, huh?
HAYLEY: [smiles] Okay. Just this once.

[Hayley and Jackson start to kiss again, but break apart only a moment later when they hear Hope cooing behind them. Then turn around to find her sitting in her crib, watching them as she sucks on her pacifier, and the two laugh. Just as they kiss each other one last time before tending to Hope, the camera cuts to the Mikaelson compound, where Klaus is watching them and scowling through their window from his bedroom, a nearly-empty glass of bourbon in his hand. Unhappy at the sight of them, he turns away and walks back into his room and becomes so angry that he squeezes his fist closed and shatters the glass in his hands]


[Detective Kinney is sitting in his car outside of Cami's apartment, listening to the news on the radio, when Cami finally finds him and confronts him for stealing her laptop]

CAMI: Staking out my apartment now? Something else you want to steal?

[Kinney hands her the laptop through his open window and smiles sheepishly]

KINNEY: All the interesting stuff was password-protected, but I knew Vincent wouldn't just pull you in for kicks. You're not an amateur.

[Cami gives him a look, and Kinney just smiles smugly as he grabs his jacket and gets out of his car]

KINNEY: I finished up the end of that video you were watching. Lucien Castle? Highly motivating. Feeling like my best self already.

[Cami's expression becomes grim when she realizes he's onto Lucien and will probably end up involved in vampire business that could get him hurt or killed]

KINNEY: So, he fits the profile, right? What, narcissistic personality disorder?
CAMI: [unamused] I should report you.
KINNEY: You definitely should. Yet, you haven't, because you know I was right about your family. You're not a suspect, Cami. I'm actually looking out for you. I think you're mixed up in something much bigger than you realize.
CAMI: [tersely] Trust me. I realize.

[Suddenly, Cami becomes distracted by the radio announcement and stops talking]

RADIO ANNOUNCER: Possible serial killer in the Quarter...
CAMI: Wait. Turn up your radio.

[Will reaches over to turn up the volume as the two continue to listen together]

RADIO ANNOUNCER: While police refuse to release information, sources allege that a manhunt is on for a possible serial killer. Two violently mutilated bodies entirely drained of blood have been recovered...

[Kinney looks over at Cami anxiously upon hearing this news]

KINNEY: How the hell did they know about the blood?


[At Lucien's apartment, the New Orleans Sentinel journalist is sitting at a table, where she's reading an article she's written about the so-called serial killer. Her hand has been cut, and she drips the blood from the wound into a wine glass for Lucien, who comes over and drinks it on his way back into his trunk to lock up his werewolf bite cure]

LUCIEN: Mmm. You're welcome for the tip.

[The journalist smirks at him as he heads back into his bedroom. Once he's in the closet, he places the briefcase at the bottom of his trunk, but is distracted by a leather-bound journal when he goes to replace the contents on top of it. He picks the journal up and opens it to reveal an old drawing of Aurora, which appears to be at least centuries old. He runs his finger over the drawing before frowning and sighing]


[Freya is in one of the studies, staring at her blue pendant talisman, which she's holding in one hand while she applies ice to her bruised forehead with the other. After a moment, Elijah comes downstairs to join her, and she puts the necklace in her back pocket before turning to greet him, smiling weakly]

FREYA: I supposed I was misguided to believe Hayley's return would ease tensions in this house.
ELIJAH: [grins] Misguided. Delusional. Refreshingly optimistic.

[He pauses for a moment and stares at his oldest sister]

ELIJAH: You're new.

[Freya, realizing that something is wrong, becomes concerned]

FREYA: What is it?
ELIJAH: I received some unsettling information from Lucien Castle. I don't trust the source, but I... trust you.

[The scene cuts downstairs to the courtyard, where Freya is preparing to perform a spell on a table while Klaus bleeds into a bowl for her]

FREYA: If you fed on this prophetic witch, her blood is still in your system. If there's a weapon that can kill you, we need to know.

[Freya lights a tall black candle and places it in the middle of the table, surrounding it with smaller lit white candles. She takes the bowl of blood from Klaus and sets out three small pieces of paper with Norse runes written on them. The runes spell "Elijah," "Rebekah," and "Klaus." Freya stares at the black candle in the center, looking nervous, before she dunks her fingers in the bowl of blood to make a connection with Alexis and her visions]

FREYA: [chants] No mentre le prophecie que la otra ve. No mentre le prophecie que la otra ve

[As she chants, blood starts to drip from inside her right ear, and the house starts to shake. Freya's voice becomes more and more strained, as though the effort is hurting her, and both Klaus and Elijah become concerned]

FREYA: [chants louder] No mentre le prophecie que la otra ve. No mentre le prophecie que la otra ve.

[Elijah worriedly grabs Freya's arm]

ELIJAH: Freya? Stop!

[Despite Elijah's pleas, Freya is overcome by visions of the prophecy. She sees Elijah's painted portrait in the living room splashed with blood and the beast with large, long, and wickedly sharp fangs roar as he bares his bloody teeth]

[Suddenly, the pieces of paper with the three Original vampires catch on fire as Freya gasps loudly, her eyes flying open. The flames on the table finally extinguish themselves, but Freya is visibly shaken by the visions she was shown]

FREYA: [grimly] It's true. You have a terrible shadow over you. Rebekah, too. If this prophecy is fulfilled, you will all fall...

[She looks up at her brothers, clearly not wanting to share the next piece of information she gleaned from the visions]

FREYA: ...One by friend, one by foe, and one... by family.

[Elijah and Klaus both exchange worried looks]


[In the mountains, presumably somewhere near India, is the monastery where Aurora has been staying. In her room, she's still in her monk's robes as she practices sword-fighting with Tristan, who is dressed in dress pants, a dress shirt, and a vest for their visit. After a moment they both stop fighting and take a break

AURORA: You're distracted. My time with you is limited, Tristan.
TRISTAN: I'm thinking only of you, sister.

[Aurora smiles and tosses him her sword, which he catches deftly and puts away]

TRISTAN: I'm told there was an incident here yesterday.
AURORA: [pouts] Well, as I recall, I was awaiting your visit when I received a letter informing me that you were unavailable. Can you imagine my dismay?
TRISTAN: [disappointed] I had so hoped you would handle it better.
AURORA: [smiles] I get better every day! And you always say, "It won't be long now." Well, it's time! I'm fine. Let me out!
TRISTAN: [sympathetically] You know I can't do that while you're in this state. I will miss you, though, my sweet Aurora.
AURORA: [becomes upset] Miss me? You're leaving? No. No! Why?

[She lunges for him to hit him, but Tristan easily overpowers her, spinning around and restraining her with a one-armed bear-hug while using his free hand to inject her in the neck with what is presumably vervain]

AURORA: [yelps in pain] Ahhh! Tristan, no! No, please! No!

[Tristan continues to keep her restrained with his arms]

TRISTAN: [soothingly] Shhhh.
AURORA: [weakly] Please, I'll be better!
AURORA: [even weaker] Please, take me with you!
TRISTAN: Shhhhh.
AURORA: [stops fighting] Take me with you...
TRISTAN: Shhh. It's all right. It's all right.
AURORA: [falling unconscious] Tristan, please...

[Several monks, having heard the commotion, come into the room. Tristan carefully hands Aurora over to one of them, who picks her up in a bridal carry]

TRISTAN: Increase her dosage while I'm gone. She may be a danger to others, to herself. Tell her I'll be back soon, and I'll bring her a gift. A lovely little souvenir... from New Orleans.

[The monks take Aurora away, leaving Tristan behind in the room, eagerly awaiting his trip to Louisiana]


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