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Repairing the sort of damage I have experienced at the hands of your father is not so simple. Klaus destroyed my life, my very sanity, over the course of centuries. So can you imagine my disappointment when I was woken up and learned that he had taken the cowards's way out for you.

You Will Remember Me is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Legacies and the fifty-sixth episode of the series overall.


NOT THE REACTION I EXPECTEDHope find herself on a dangerous undertaking. Josie goes deep for answers as Lizzie asks Cleo for inspiration and is surprised as to where she finds it. Meanwhile, Landon continues his mission for peace. Alaric, Milton Greasley, Kaleb, Jed, and Ethan also appear.[2]


In the Therapy Box, Josie's simulation begins. She's Dr. Josette Saltzman, a surgical intern at Mikaelson Memorial Hospital. She's making out with Finch, a paramedic, but has to cut their time short because she's been paged. Josie apologizes, but Finch tells her to save it when she ends up missing their date later that night. As she leaves the darkened room, she tells Finch to wait five minutes before she leaves. Like her mother and father she intends to be a surgeon, but currently, she's barely holding it together. As she walks away, she knocks on another door, signaling to Lizzie. After she leaves her room, MG and Ethan flee the room as well.

Josie remains on her bed back at the Salvatore School. Finch continues to watch over her and questions MG and Cleo whether or not they can just pull her out. MG explains that Professor Vardemus advises against that and it's risky and she should finish it out on her own. Finch is more concern with Hope tampering with the therapy box and that she could be enduring torture or repeatedly dying. Lizzie bursts into the room, claiming she's fine. At first, it's probably a bit scary, but if her experience is anything like her own, it will be revelatory. Cleo asks Lizzie about what happened to her during her simulation the previous night. She tells Cleo that she knows of a way to deal with their Hope problem. With Lizzie gone, they took their best shot at reaching Hope and failed and she doesn't want their help. Lizzie quips back that if Salvatore's Got No Talent is their best shot, then they're in major trouble. They’re lucky Hope didn't murder the entire school, though that might change if she returns. Cleo doesn't believe Hope will return to the school, but Lizzie wants to prepare in case she's wrong. They need to be ready for Hope and MG departs to train with Ethan. Finch remains by Josie's bedside in case she wakes up. Cleo asks Lizzie if she needs help with her plan, but Lizzie already knows what she needs to do. Although she can use some inspiration for the how part.

Meanwhile, a witch takes a dip in her pool and lounges on a hereby chair. She rings a bell, calling for from a waiter to get in touch with the rest of the Triad to set a meeting for later in the afternoon. They will have to deal with the tribrid sooner than expected. When nothing happens, she rises from the lounge chair asking if there's a problem only to find Hope standing before her with a black candle. Hope, however, has three problems, to be exact. She is the first and the candle bursts into flames. The witch begins to rapidly age.

Alaric enjoys a milkshake with the Necromancer and Landon in the Salvatore Crypt in Limbo. He reviews the rules over limbo with them, and that the only way to get to Peace is if they have a coin, which the only way to get is if he does something good, like reconciling with someone from their past. Landon has a theory that the whole point of Limbo is to atone for the mistakes of your life. Once they've done that, the boat to Peace awaits. The rules of Limbo are funny and the Necromancer questions how they can hold and taste their milkshakes. To Alaric though, that doesn't even matter. After the Necromancer made his way into Limbo, he discovered that it's teeming with scores of lost souls and if Landon's theory is correct, they have numerous people they can help to get coins. Now that they know the rules they can cheat the system. Once they get themselves a third coin, they can leave Limbo, but they can steal the boat and return to the world of the living. Landon questions if something is wrong, if Hope is okay.

Josie contemplates her position in the hospital, which is named after Dr. Klaus Mikaelson. She stands in a gallery, watching Hope perform a coronary artery bypass graft. This is her story after all, not hers. Dr. Hope Mikaelson is technically an intern like herself, but already a legend. Lizzie comes in behind Josie, annoyed, though the latter is watching Hope pioneer a new surgical technique. Lizzie should be here watching and learning, too. As she admires Hope's work, Hope has a tremor and the patient goes critical as Hope falls to the floor.

Hope confronts the witch, setting the black candle down. The witch, Agatha St. Clair stands and casts incendia against Hope, however, she quickly discovers she no longer can access her magic. She quips that if she had talked first, she would have told her that the candle is nullifying their magic. Hope, however, still has her werewolf and vampire powers. Agatha calls her an affront to Nature herself as she is a tribrid. However, Hope berates her for using black magic to stay young, which isn't natural. Putting her own vanity aside, Hope is cursed among the species. A tribrid was never meant to exist and sullies the bloodline of all three species. Agatha accepts her fate, death, but she tells her that there's no hiding from her fate. Hope is no longer hiding and demands to know where she can find the werewolf and vampire she's working with so she can have this conversation with them, too. Agatha can't, otherwise she'll be just as dead and shows her own Triad sigil on her thigh. They have an unbreakable alliance, punishable by fire. Hope believes she's bluffing, as she's the witch who cast the covenant spell and doesn't believe she would be dumb enough to put her own life on the line. Hope calls her bluff, but Agatha wholly believes that the Alpha will tear out her tongue. Hope threatens her again and is forced to talk, however, she quickly begins to combust into fire. Hope kicks her into the pool to extinguish the flames.

At a bar, a knock rings out and a man approaches the door's peephole. Opening it, he finds Agatha, though she's covered in burns and assumes that she's had a run-in with the tribrid. He lets her in, but Hope walks through with Agatha's decapitated and burned head. Agatha was kind enough to reveal where their werewolf den was, deciphering it from all her screams. Hope is looking for Greg, the man that let her in. She's found the alpha and his entire pack. He gives her a last chance to talk before they attack her, but she formally challenges him to an alpha fight. Greg doesn't believe she can do that, but the other wolves back off and allow it.

Within Josie's simulation, Dr. Death, a.k.a. the Necromancer or Dr. Ted runs the hospital. He can kill anyone's career with a snap of his fingers and the only person Hope is afraid of. Josie finds him, concerned about what happened to Dr. Mikaelson. She's resting, though she should be working. Josie wants to know if she'll be okay, but he reveals that she has a rare genetic condition, called CMT, which he believes is what caused her tremors. It's not treatable and Dr. Ted demands her to get back to work. Josie doesn't want to give up on Hope and all the people she could help in the future, though Dr. Ted doesn't want to hear it. No one is indispensable and Dr. Mikaelson's career in surgery is over.

In the Town Square, Alaric asks the Merman to forgive him. Seemingly able to communicate with him, the Merman hisses in frustration. Alaric reassures him that he had no idea about the land mine that killed him. If he had, he would have warned him. The Merman spits out water at him and walks off, annoyed. The Necromancer hands him a towel and Alaric questions since when are monsters in Limbo. He's been pondering the same thing while he's been failing. Perhaps they've always gone here, just like them, or it could be a result of Malivore's destruction. Either way, they're not sticking around long enough to find out. The Necromancer points out that he's not excelling at making amends, though Landon appears with Vera Lilien, who isn't particularly happy to see him. She questions Landon about how he can help her.

Ethan and MG practice in the gym. Ethan has a practice dummy that he lifts over his shoulder and uses his powers at MG's direction. Ethan disappears and finds himself trapped in a locker. MG releases him and the dummy falls from the ceiling. Ethan's frustrated about his powers not working, believing they only work during high stress situations or when Malivore controlled him. This is why they're practicing, though this isn't what Ethan expected; specifically, he doesn't understand how this will help against their fight with Hope. MG reminds him that his greatest skill is getting people to safety. Lizzie interrupts them. She needs Ethan. Forgoing practice, he goes with her.

Josie finds Dr. Kirby, the attending on call, and pulls him into a dark room. He mistakes her actions, as they've been done for almost a year. She needs his help, rather Hope needs it. She explains her situation and how Dr. Death is going to the board to revoke Hope's license. She needs to get into the personnel files, though she doesn't have access to them since she's an intern. He does, though. Reluctantly, he gives in and allows her to take his employee badge.

Hope fights Greg one-on-one, but Hope easily overpowers him, flipping a pool table on top of him. Taking a rack and placing it around his head, she decapitates him under the heel of her foot. One of the werewolves bends a knee and the others quickly follow. Long live their new alpha. She demands them to get up since they're wolves, not royalty. She wants to know where the vampire is but he shows her the Triad sigil. They're all branded and can't tell her or they'll die. Hope doesn't care. Rules are rules. She wants him to tell her.

Not long, Hope makes her way to an estate and asks the Butler to let the vampire know the witch and wolf are dead. The mistress of the house, however, has been expecting her. He invites her into the home and she walks in.

Alaric talks with Vera, but believes everything to be insane. She questions Alaric if he actually expects her to forgive him for running a supernatural school in their town and not telling any of the people whose lives were destroyed, including her daughter. It's a lot, but he's here to make peace for both of their sakes. She denies him, reminding him that her daughter was eaten by a giant spider. Alaric spins the conversation back to her. He didn't even know she had died. She claims she died of a broken heart, and lung cancer. She questions how he's not in hell, but it's been destroyed. This, however, is their hell. She berates him, asking why he's even bothering with apologizing if he clearly doesn't think he's done anything wrong. Landon believes her point. Alaric quips back at her for her being hypocritical. She is trapped in Limbo because she and her daughter are two of the world's most miserable people. She asks if he's even met his daughter, but Lizzie has nothing to do with it. As erratic and intolerable as she finds Elizabeth, she forgives her. She's only screwed up because he is her father. This realization, however, grants her a coin. Alaric tries to grab it from her, but she snatches it away. He deserves to be trapped here with all of his regret. She asks directions for the boat to peace and Landon points her back the way they originally came. Alaric is mad that Landon took her side, but he walks off to try and find someone else. Turning back to the Necromancer, Alaric exclaims that they're never getting out of there. However, he knows exactly who Alaric needs to talk to.

In the garden, Cleo chops wood. She's chopped down the Red Oak tree that Hope, Lizzie, and Josie created. MG approaches her, believing he's come for some inspiration. He thinks her work looks therapeutic and takes the ax. He's worried about Lizzie. She grabbed him to help with her mysterious plan and it kind of bothered him. Hope was right. Being the leader is lonely. She reassures him. Sometimes the right decisions are the hardest ones to make. She explains that Lizzie asked to inspire her, but similarly she doesn't think she's thinking clearly and turned her down. MG believes she's protecting her from herself. Cleo confides in him her burden. She explains to him about the tree she's chopping down and how it can kill Hope. She questions if she should destroy it to protect Hope or begin sharpening it to protect the world from her. MG reasons that when Hope was at the school, she handed her a sword to see if he had the guts to kill. He reiterates her words, that he was weak because he wouldn't go that far. She was right. He wouldn't go that far and believes that Hope is still one of them. He tells her she should burn it. Cleo accepts his advice and, casting a spell, sets the wood on fire. Walking away, Lizzie and Ethan uncloak themselves from her magic. They've heard their entire conversation and continue to watch the wood burn.

Josie approaches Dr. Death, but she's not meant to scrub in for this procedure. He hands off his duties and she explains to him that his diagnosis is wrong. With personnel records in hand, she explains that Dr. Klaus Mikeaslon was tested for CMT and the result was negative. Her father signed the report clearing him and he hated Klaus. Josie admits that he can punish her, but is adamant that Hope doesn't have CMT. He tells her that she can go tell the others to stop clearing out her locker on the way to clean hers out. She's been fired.

Hope waits for the mistress of the house to appear. Aurora de Martel appears behind her, noting that she sees her father within her. Aurora tells her that she knows everything about Klaus and introduces herself to Hope. She is Aurora, Rebekah's first vampire of her sireline and her father's lover and greatest enemy. Klaus was the most feared vampire in the world and he conspired to let her desiccate in a wall and when that failed, she was trapped in an endless slumber. Hope does recall her. She denotes that it was her family's arrogance that allowed the fools that were her partners in Triad to rescue her without being noticed. She thanks her, however, for killing them. Aurora already knows what to do with her, but Hope doesn't back down. She can't be killed. Death only lasts a moment. She will wear the fate her father deserved.

Josie approaches Hope, who is recovering. She already knows what Josie did for her. She saved her career. Josie wants the truth. When cleaning out her locker, she found her pills. She does have CMT and those pills were to control the symptoms. She scrubbed into the surgery knowing the risk to the innocent life. Josie decides to not tell if her reason convinces her otherwise.

Hope laughs off Aurora's plan. It's all because of her father. He dumped her and said that she should get over it. Klaus destroyed her life, and her sanity over the course of centuries. She was angry when she learned he took the coward's way out when she had been awakened. Hope tells her that her humanity is off and guilt-tripping she won't work. Likewise, she calls Hope a coward, too, and believes her weapon will fix that and show her Papa Tunde's Blade. Hope is underwhelmed at the revelation. Aurora scolds her and explains that the blade was imbued with black magic by the witch Papa Tunde and it was one of four bones culled from the Hollow, a name she's familiar with. The Hollow is ancient history. She tells Hope that this blade nearly broke her father and questions if she thinks herself as strong as him. She gives Hope a head start, but pulls a second blade from her back. Hope is quicker and grabs her wrist and forces the blade out of her hand, slicing her hand in the process. She vamps behind Aurora and snaps her neck.

Hope explains to Josie that she was meant to be a surgeon since the day she was born. Every moment in her life has been pushing her towards it. Her father had it too. Josie believes he hid it from her dad and faked his test results, but Hope explains that her dad was the one who faked it. He knew it and helped cover it up. Josie believes it to be a lie, but it's the same reason they all lied. It was the best way to help the greatest number of people. This hospital needed him. His innovation kept the research money coming in, just like hers will. Hope assures her that she'll get Josie reinstated on the board. Josie doesn't want to stay. She thought if she didn't live up to her legacy, it would ruin her life. However, when she was fired, she felt relieved. She's been trying to live up to her standards too. Hope however has felt that pressure too and, like her, caused her to lose her way. She still wants to be a doctor and help people, but she can't do that to the best of her abilities at this hospital; it's too much pressure and expectation. With that revelation, sees the word Solus appear on a medical chart and everything is clear to her now. She felt the need to live up to the school that was literally created for her. The pressure to save the school and her friends will ever let her live her own life. Hope thinks she's crazy, as this is a hospital, but Josie now knows she's in the therapy box and knows she needs to leave. She knows how to fix this.

With the Red Oak tree burned to ash, Lizzie finds two remaining pieces. She needs to salvage whatever they can, though Ethan reiterates that it can kill Hope. He doesn't want to be an accessory to murder. They just heard them. No one at this school will hurt her. He just got here and should see that. He questions if the therapy box taught her that, but she explains that sometimes doing the right thing means people will call you the villain. Ethan doesn't know. Malivore already made him a villain, once, and he didn't like it. Lizzie, however, is asking him to be a hero. She's going after Hope alone, but she needs someone willing to protect the school and finish the job should she fail. Ethan questions what she'd do if he just phased back and warned MG and Cleo, but Lizzie tells him that would only put them in more risk. She can't have that and tosses him one of the two stakes. He asks if that is a threat, but the only threat they have is Hope. He has two choices, to lie to his best friend or she can do a spell to make him forget they had this conversation and insert a fake memory. For all he'll know they walked out to the Old Mill to talk.

Hope pins Aurora to the wall, letting her hang by her hands as she recovers. Hope assumes the weapon is the real Tunde blade. The other one was meant as a distraction. Hope wants to know what it did to her father. Aurora gladly tells her that, burrowed into his chest, it rendered him unconscious and in a state of impossible and unending agony. Hope decides to use the blade against her. Aurora tells her that she has no idea what she's doing and, like her father, is being reckless. She's just like every other Mikaelson she's come across. Hope doesn't care and stabs Aurora in the stomach. However, the blade changes into the Trident, the cloaking spell having worn off. Hope doesn't understand and asks what the weapon is. Aurora tells her not to worry and she'll explain everything when they wake up.

Ethan returns to MG, who is punching a punching bag. He tells MG that he's sorry and shouldn't have been giving him a hard time. MG tells him he was right because he was keeping him on defense on purpose. He doesn't want to see him get hurt, but believes him to be the kind of leader that would be okay with leaving someone behind. Ethan wants that kind of leader looking out for him and they bump fists. MG asks about him and Lizzie, but Ethan explains that they took a walk out to the Old Mill just to talk. They go back to training.

In Limbo, Landon returns to the Salvatore School, admiring a photo of him and Hope. Alaric finds him, though he apologizes. Alaric tells him there's no need as the Necromancer pointed out that he is the person he needs to talk to. Landon doesn't understand. He didn't know what he'd get him into when Hope brought him to the school, but he allowed him to stay. Landon explains that his school was his home, the only one he really had. He gave up everything, including his life, for it. Landon doesn't regret it. He was ready to move on to Peace until he showed it. Landon, however, wants to find his way back to Hope to help her. Alaric explains in order to do that, he has to give everything up all over again. Landon believes he thought he had already done enough that his and Hope's choice mattered even though they couldn't do it together. They fought their fate for so long and they fulfilled it. He tells Alaric he has no idea what he's supposed to do now. Alaric tells him he's sorry and pulls him into a hug, gaining his coin to Peace.

Josie sits outside the hospital, waiting for Finch. She let everything go to do something she thought was right. For the first time she could see herself clearly. Finch gets out of an ambulance and is surprised to see her. Finch is excited they might actually have a real date night. She runs back inside to change and then they can go. She tells her not to move, and leaves. Josie says the magic word, Solus, and is freed from the therapy box. Finch is beside her, holding her hand. She brings Josie to her forward and embraces her in a hug, telling her to never leave her like that again. Josie, however, is overcome with tears.

Hope stands in Aurora's body, confused, asking what she did to her. Aurora, in Hope's body, tells her that it's obvious. She tricked her, thanks to a little magic from Agatha, who's been watching her for a long time. That is how she knew how to make the trident. Hope didn't stab her with Papa Tunde's blade. That was destroyed in order to raise the Hollow. If only Hope wasn't so ignorant and knew her history. Aurora asks if the back of her neck itches, revealing a Triad sigil. Hope believes that Aurora betrayed Triad and should have burned, but Aurora has merely manipulated Hope into killing them for her. Magic and loopholes, so it goes. Hope wants her body back. While Aurora's body is ancient and powerful by vampiric standards, she wonders if it's a match for her new tribrid body. Hope, out matched, flees from Aurora.

Cleo finds Lizzie in Alaric's study. She tells her that Josie has awakened from the therapy box and tells her why she didn't inspire her today. The truth was, she was afraid she wasn't being honest and worried what that might inspire her to do. Likewise, that wasn't very honest of her. She tells Lizzie that she became aware of a weapon that can kill the tribrid, but kept it to herself, too afraid what others might choose to do with it. Now, she's destroyed it. Lizzie tells her she did the right things, though that response isn't what Cleo expected. Lizzie explains she was in a dark place and if she got ahold of a weapon that could kill Hope, she might have done something awful. She tells them they're good and Cleo accepts. As she leaves, Lizzie returns to sharpening a Red Oak stake.


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Behind the Scenes

  • This episode's title was a line used by Aurora.
  • This episode marks Josie and Lizzie Saltzman's 50th appearances on Legacies.
  • As of this episode, with 157 appearances, Alaric had surpassed Caroline and is now the third character with the most appearances in TVD Universe, after Stefan (172) and Damon (171).

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