A little winter chill never hurt anyone, Sheriff Forbes.
— Zachariah in 1912 (flashback)

Zachariah Salvatore was a character who appeared in the sixteenth episode of the third season of The Vampire Diaries. He was the late nephew of Stefan and Damon. He was killed in 1912 by Samantha Gilbert while she was possessed by the Gilbert Ring.

Zachariah was a member of the Salvatore Family.

Early History

He was born to an unknown woman and the half-brother of brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, thus making him their nephew. He was a member of the Founder's Council until he was murdered in 1912 by Samantha Gilbert, who was under the influence of the Gilbert ring. He was not the first Council member to have been murdered that year, and the killer was not caught and punished until ten years later. Zachariah had an unknown son who continued the Salvatore line. Stefan and Damon went to his funeral, which was the first time that the brothers had seen each other since Damon left Mystic Falls shortly after they were turned in 1864. Damon grimly asked Stefan if he had "eaten" Zachariah, which Stefan denied. Damon referenced Zachariah's death and funeral in Season 3 while trying to discover who was murdering Council members in the present day.


Zachariah seemed to have a pleasant composure and very friendly towards people. He is also shown to have a fearless side as when Gerald asked if he needed a police escort, he refused and said it wasn't an epidemic.

Physical Appearance

Zachariah was a man of tall stature and medium build. He wore a black coat and a small top hat. He had medium length brown hair and brown eyes.


Season Three


  • Zachariah is a Hebrew name and it means "The Lord remembers".[1]
  • Salvatore is of Italian origin and means "savior".[2]


  • One of his descendants is named Zach, and was possibly even named after him. This descendant was killed by Damon in You're Undead to Me.
  • With confirmation that human souls are found in the dimensions, he either found peace or went to Hell.


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